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Schumacher Furs protest tomorrow

Thursday morning I attended the hearing pertaining to the eviction of Schumacher Furs from the property managed by TMT Development.
Prior to Thursday TMT had sent a "dismissal" letter to the court however the case was still on the court calendar. Was hoping TMT would reverse the decision to dismiss but no luck. The judge officially dismissed the eviction case Thurday morning (12/28). Seems the Schumachers will be there a while longer (sometime in March is what was previously reported in the local news). Therefore the protests will continue, with vegan snacks and beverages once again. We will go from 1:00 pm to closing. Last week the Schumachers didn't lock their doors until around 6:30. The 'evacuation sale' continues. Please join us for the entire protest, an hour or five minutes, it's all good. Thanks.

Evacuation Sale? 29.Dec.2006 14:12

no fur

Evacuating from what? The truth about the fur trade?

Where will the fur monger go? 29.Dec.2006 16:05

what if

What if no one wants to rent to an antagonistic psycho furrier?
Will he end up peddling his furs off the hood of his car in front of WalMart with maybe a few velvet paintings on the side?
Lets stay tuned to see what happens next . . .

what a shame 29.Dec.2006 16:35

Blue Jay

that would be if nobody wants to rent space to the Schumachers but another option for them might be Saturday Market. It would be a bit cramped though and only give them two days a week to do business. Out of business sounds good to me. But if they were to choose that option the protests would be a blast. They could also buy or rent a trailer and parking lot space and set up shop not far from their current location. We would of course protest there too. I think they should just choose a new way to make a living.

The 'evacuation sale' is a way for them to try to put a positive spin on their ailing business. I guess it sounds better to them than 'moving sale'. What will they end up calling it if they have no place to move to? Later I'll post a video clip of the chinchillas some woman brought into the store last Saturday that Linda and others were holding and petting as if they cared. Gregg and Linda are of course selling the skins of their brothers and sisters. Gregg and Linda come out of your state of denial.

If you must post video (which is not generally advisable), 29.Dec.2006 19:24


then please do not post conflict (if there was any). While protests involve conflict by nature, it never helps the average person who has never been to a protest to understand the cause, and many people don't like being seen on film on the web. Also, not everyone who frequents this site is your friend. How about posting video of what happens in the fur industry?

live chinchillas in a fur store 30.Dec.2006 10:24

Blue Jay

I hear what you're saying about video clips containing conflict. The clips I'm posting don't contain any conflict and I think they are worthy of posting because of what they show. Thanks.

Called 31.Dec.2006 11:04


They didn't answer but the answering machine said 12 to 4 on Sunday
I can't make it but I hope you guys do!
Give 'em hell!

Yes 31.Dec.2006 11:40



thanks sky 31.Dec.2006 11:40

Blue Jay

I will be there by 1:30 and I have a half dozen signs.