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1229 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, December 29th, 2006.
12/29/06 Get This
sui generis
1. Lobbyists at the Gallatin Group improperly billed OHSU... But that's just what lobbyists do. You can't blame the cheetah for eating the gazelle, y'see...
2. A classic Good News/Bad News story: Dan Saltzman wants all major private construction projects - condos and office towers - to be "Green." It's not easy being elected... .
3. Measure 46 and Measure 47 do battle in Heaven: 46 lost, 47 won. AG Hardy Meyer's office came to the conclusion that you can't have one without the other, so Measure 47 is suspended. Dan Meek begs to differ and he's suing. (Measure 47 makes campaign finance restrictions. Measure 46 allows the changes to be made. Voters who don't understand what they're voting for make the all the difference...
4. Seven New Orleans policemen are being charged with murder and attempted murder for shooting innocent, unarmed civilians on Danziger Bridge after Hurricane Katrina. - Simple people, simply trying to get the hell out of the flood waters.
5. Climate Change Is Snowballing: A giant ice shelf has snapped free from Ellesmere Island. Ellesmere Island, you will be alarmed to learn, is a mere 500 miles from the North Pole and this is the dead of winter. This news item is so much worse than can be expressed in words.
6. Abortion in Kansas: A doctor is accused of using the mental health concerns of patients to justify late-term abortion. Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline spent two years trying run the doctor out of state and deluged him with requests for patient's records. Now they have a Democrat AG and guess what? He's after the good doctor, too. That's what's wrong with Kansas.
7. Another snowstorm coming into Colorado.
8. Striking Goodyear workers OKed a contract that sends factories overseas but also includes a healthcare fund - which they are going to need to cope with all the stress-related illnesses.
9. The wake for James Brown is going to go on for three days (Much longer, no doubt), and eclipse the funeral of Gerald Ford, a man who did so much harm without appearing to be fully conscious... .
10. Four men in Britain have been arrested for taking part in the Rwanda genocide in 1994.
11. Police in Zimbabwe have arrested more than 16 thousand people as part of a government drive to curb illegal mining. (Seen from another perspective, it is their land, their mineral wealth. Robert Mugabe took one of the most prosperous, progressive nations in Africa and looted it; people are starving and if they want to get a little of what is theirs, then I say, give me that shovel and let's get to work... .)
12. Three months of martial law for Somalia! (That takes the biscuit for the year's most tragicomic headline. Somalia is a free-fire zone, a madhouse, and a carnival of horror run by demented warlords. Ho ho ho; "martial law" is really going to make Somalia into a democratic paradise... .like Iraq?)
13. Martial law or not, Somalia's Islamic leader says his Islamic Courts Union is going to stay in Somalia and fight the Ethiopians.
14. Hajj is on in Mecca. An estimated 2.5 million Muslims from all over the world are gathering for the five day pilgrimage and Eid-al-Adha. (Now just imagine how well the execution of Saddam Hussein is going to play, given this context... ..
15. Trailer Park Trash: Israel, not wishing to be outdone by its mentor, the United States, has dragged more than 200 mobile homes onto Palestinian land in the West Bank. (Bush will no doubt be sending each family a case of Coors, a handgun, a pit-bull and a flag decal for New Years... )
16. Israeli "security forces" killed over 660 Palestinians in 2006. That's three times more than in 2005. B'tselem says at least 322 had done nothing hostile. In the same time period, the number of Palestinian attack on Israel fell by 50 percent. (See how it all works out?)
17. Israel is not going to indulge in its annual prisoner release PR campaign this year (Do doubt calculating correctly, that no amount of PR is going to make them look anything but less than human to the rest of the world - with the singular exception of the US... .)
18. The two Iranian diplomats that were "detained" by American troops in Iraq this week have been released. German prosecutors are investigating the industrial gas company Lined AG on suspicion that it bribed the Saddam Hussein government.
19. There were multiple bombings in Iraq today, only a handful of which were noted by news services. (Who could blame theme, really: Baghdad is a shit-scary place to be wandering around with a tape recorder... )
20. Saddam is saying goodbye to friends and family.
21. Taliban Mullah Omar released a statement today that foreign fighters - this means you, NATO and America - from Afghanistan and he means it. So far Afghanistan is 3 for 0 over the British and the Soviet Union.
22. A drunk tried to hijack an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Geneva.
23. The Department of Homeland Security apologized to Muslim women who they mistakenly detained and strip searched (It's a PR trick they learned from the Israelis... ).