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In the pursuit of Diversity...

Gut reaction to Republican Congressman Virgil GOode's comments regarding the new Minnesotan congressman's desire to use the Koran.
I found it quite amusing to read how upset poor congressman Virgil Goode was when he learned the new Minnesotan congressman, the first Muslim elected to this office, will use the Koran instead of the King James Bible. Mr. Goode was concerned that if we don't tighten immigration many more Muslims will be elected, disregarding the fact that Mr. Keith Ellison was born in America and converted to the Islamic faith. The good congressman was quoted as saying "I will not be putting my hand on the Quran." Well, gee, doesn't Mr. Ellison have the right not to put his on the Bible? Mr. Goode said he felt more people should stand up for the principles on which this nation was founded...and what would those be, if not Freedom of Religion?
Once again that ugly little problem of separation of church and state is rearing its head.
The 'ugly little problem' 29.Dec.2006 19:10


is ugly little people with small minds elected by a populace out of the information loop through secrecy, disinformation, misinformation, and apathy. The piece on storytelling just a couple or so posts down should be digested by all.