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Coming soon... 3,000 dead

Received this email today, came to check it out on Indy Media and found nothing, so here it is. This has the possibilty to be a hugely moving and effective action.
Lie Down for Peace
When the death toll of US Soldiers in the current Iraq War reaches 3,000, join in a protest to make the deaths visible. Our goal is for 3,000 people to "die-in" - lie down on the ground and simulate dead bodies. Given the current death toll we are expecting to hold the event on Saturday Jan. 6th at noon in Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Anyone organizing anything else? 29.Dec.2006 13:03


I think this is a great idea, but I want to do something less passive. I think a die-in will be a powerful and symbolic statement, and will make a great photo-op. I will most likely participate. On the other hand, I feel like this country has been "lying down" on the job of stopping this war. Any other options out there?

Memorial Service planned for the announcement of 3,000 US troop death in Iraq 29.Dec.2006 13:14

Brian the Green

anything else? 29.Dec.2006 14:50

a pushy bystander

seems like the 3,000 mark is significant enough to call for a rally???
can we motivate 20 thousand people down to the waterfront?
I mean, this is very serious...

the current 29.Dec.2006 15:10


is now 2996 with 13 of those officially unconfirmed pending notification of relatives - expect it to happen within the next 48 hours - along with the death of Saddam


Just a thought... 30.Dec.2006 00:29


Demonstration. Recruiting center. 1317 NE Broadway. Tuesday (every Tuesday). 5-6pm.

It was great the night the young anarchists came and confronted the recruiters. How much more richly they deserve that kind of reckoning now.

just 2 30.Dec.2006 09:03

to go

total now at 2,998 - p.s. December 2006 is now the THIRD deadliest month for u.s. troops since the invasion

The real toll 30.Dec.2006 18:41


Once again, I feel compelled to point out that HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people have died in this war. Not 3000.

I am constantly baffled that so many people can just write off all those ..."other" people.

not forgotten 01.Jan.2007 12:39


In an email to my friends I did point out that getting 3,000 to Pioneer Courthouse Square might be attainable, getting 100,000+ to represent all the deaths we have caused in Iraq probably isn't. I just know the most moving, thougt provoking demo I have been on is the one where we carried the tombstones silently downtown. After countless demos where we seem to have broken into chaos, this had people watching us go by crying, rather than shouting for us to get off the streets.

Sometimes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar...

Thanks, aj 01.Jan.2007 21:47


Thank you for acknowleging them. I do not mean to criticize you for your action. I'm grateful that you are out there working for change. I did not mean to sound self-righteous in pointing out that there are other victims of this war. These have been some very trying times. I guess we have just been so inundated with news of "our" dead that I have gotten really touchy about it. I really want people to understand that the Iraqi dead are just as much our sisters and our brothers as the US soldiers. Perhaps more so, in that we are engaged in common struggle with the people of Iraq, while the soldiers fight for the oppressor.

I thank you for being out there in the struggle. Perhaps I will see you next Saturday.