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Washington County Peace Vigil 12-27-06

photos of tonights assembly
About 47 people gathered tonight @ 5th and Hall Blvd across from the Beaverton,Oregon City Library.It is important that our elected representatives know that the majority of Americans want all troops to be pulled out of Iraq.We also want them to hold all those responsible to be accountable for their actions.Please join us every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.
wonderful! 27.Dec.2006 21:10


Each time we stand for peace we gain strength. Good for you being out there. We need to keep on speaking out. Thank you for posting your pictures.

wonderful 28.Dec.2006 04:30


good to see the endurance of such a nice, large group.

have you considered packing town hall meetings and offices of the aforementioned elected officials?

40 People attended the Dec. 31 Peace Gathering in McMinnville, OR 31.Dec.2006 22:38


It was frigid (38 degrees) but the company was warm and friendly. The chill was appropriate for the somber recognition of 3000 American soldiers killed in the invasion/occupation. The vigil lasted from 3PM to 4:15. It was held at 2nd and Adams in Mac. A lot of passing cars honked and flashed peace signs. The atmosphere was much less tense than prior protests. There wasn't the expectation of jeers from those passing by.

Best sign: IMpeaceMENT

I've attended protests here for at least three years. It's as if there has been a sea change in public opinion. The tide has turned.