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AUDIO Interview with Global Green

PDX IMC Web Radio Interview with Silvaine Zimmerman, she has a B.Sc. in Ecology and an M.Sc. in Oceanography. She was born in Germany, grew up in Quebec, and has lived and worked in environmental research and assessment in Europe, Latin America, and in the High Arctic. In the early 1980's Silvaine participated in launching the Green Party, and in 2004, a first complete Green slate in Canada. (duration: about 40 minutes, Recorded Dec. 18, 2006)
silvaine zimmerman
silvaine zimmerman


  • NEW - Show From 12-27-2006 - Description: Silvaine speaks about elements of the global green consciousness including nuclear non-proliferation, globalization and exploitation of natural resources, building solidarity through web-based communications, aboriginal rights, bio-regionalism, and environmental health.

Silvaine Zimmermann M.Sc., is a quadrilingual networker and B&B operator who studied Oceanography and Environmental Sciences in Europe, Mexico and Canada. Silvaine is an "original Green", an environmental, peace & social justice activist who endeavors to work in solidarity with aboriginal peoples. She was elected as External Liaison for the Green Party of BC in 2005, as Federal and Provincial Director At Large in 2006, she is the International Representative to the Global Greens for Canada, was a federal candidate in 2006, an organizer and co-chair in the 2004 federal election; previously instrumental in electing greens to municipal councils & has managed many provincial and federal Green Party campaigns. "I have seen the mainstream adopt a green paradigm in many ways, but believe Greens can lead the way towards more meaningful & participatory democratic systems by improving our consensus seeking processes with a mirthful spirit of compassionate, respectful honesty and co-operation."

FROM THE INTERVIEW: "Even though we are not many... [the Greens have] had a major impact and it hasn't been enough by any means but I'm hoping we can build on that... to counteract this multinational capitalist rip-off and destruction of the environment."

"We need to unite socially whether or not we're workers, we need to see beyond the left, right debate and we need to look at social justice as a fundamental thing... "

Over the past 30 years Silvaine initiated groups promoting grass roots democracy, world peace, social justice, inter-cultural harmony and environmental sustainability.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There were a couple technical glitches that occured in the beginning and caused a partial ommission of Silvaine's comments about nuclear proliferation. Sincere apologies to listeners and Madame Zimmerman.

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