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EMail Addresses of Knesset Members and Zionist Media

Israeli contact info for those wanting to address injustice in Palestine
"Avshalom Vilan" < avilan@knesset.gov.il>,
"Deputy Prime Minister" < pm_eng@pmo.gov.il>,
"Ehud Olmert" < pm_eng@it.gov.il>,
"Minister Construction Housing" < sar@moch.gov.il>,
"Ophir Knesset Pines-Paz" < pinespaz@knesset.gov.il>,
"Ran Knesset Cohen" < rancohen@knesset.gov.il>,
"Shaul Mofaz" < sar@mod.gov.il>,
"Shimon Peres" < s_peres@netvision.net.il>,
"Tzipi Livni" < sar@mofa.gov.il>, "Tzipi Livni" < sar@justice.gov.il>,
"Yossi Beilin" < ybeilin@knesset.gov.il>,
"Zehava Knesset Gal-On" < zgalon@knesset.gov.il>
 evelyn.leopold@reuters.com REUTERS 212-355-7424 40 W. 67th St., NY, NY 10023
LOL 27.Dec.2006 04:46

Mike Novack stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

EXCEPT -- if this is meant as a means of harrassment you need to keep something in mind.

For some of these folks, probably the majority of them, very little of their legitimate email traffic would be in English. Spam filters, especially Bayesian spam filters, easily recognize and reject "wrong language".

How's your "Ev'rit" (Hebrew)