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It's been awhile....I haven't forgotton what happened....
I've had no computer for a very long time and the people who did, never informed me of what I consider, powerful and supportive comments. I thank you for that! I'm only one of many incidences that have occured at ohsu. I don't know if anyone read the experience of one Camas man, at OHSU oncology department..His e-mail and phone # are posted, He had gone there for cancer treatment, the rest is history. What a nightmare this man has gone through. Go to "indymediaohsu", my story comes up. Scroll down and you will see his comment. He lists a web-site. Go there and read his story. His name is Bob Swan. If you don't find it let me know. It's amazing how much stuff passes before us every day and we don't even know it's happening. It's very concerning!

er 27.Dec.2006 06:57


"go to indymediaohsu" is not enough information to find the page you're talking about

can you post a regular URL?

URLs 27.Dec.2006 09:46


Apparently, the poster meant to use the search box on portland indymedia (upper right) to find her story: Type in "ohsu mars" (no quotes)

As for Bob Swan's story, I just found it with google at  http://ohsu-malpractice.blogspot.com/

BOB SWAN 27.Dec.2006 10:08


HEY NOBODY>>>>>>>>>>THANKS!!!!!!!!
What do you think about what happened to this man. Not surprising, if you know what OHSU is about!!!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation 27.Dec.2006 10:33


By my father's bedside in the hospital. Do not get sick. If you do get sick find a strong friend and handcuff them to you. Question everything! Write down everything!

This hopsital is a major regional center. Continually rotating staff that shrugged their shoulders or left on vacation. I cleaned the room because housekeeping didn't. I got the ice chips and made the bed because there were no aides. I wrote down the doc's orders. When the nurse didn't read the orders, I told her what to do.

One doc came into the room, said the numbers looked good, and began to disconnect my dad's IV. I stopped him and said, 'But the 4AM lab report I saw said XX.' The doc startled and scuttled out of the room. We never saw him again. If I had gone for my morning coffee I would've come back to find my dad dead.

This was normal. Every moment of my dad's stay had to be monitored. Botched care extended a one week surgery into a 4 week stay. And I have a horror story for every one of those days.

Be very, very careful of any hospital. They are not there to help you. They are there to make profits for administrators and pay salaries. Stay well.

X 27.Dec.2006 12:40


Hey X.....what hospital was that? and you are right...it's all about the $$$$$$$$$$

bobswan 27.Dec.2006 12:44


yeah..enter indymediaohsu...ohsu will come up "click there" another ohsu will appear "click" first category which is MARS My learning exp. at OHSU. it should work. if not let me know.

that still makes no sense 27.Dec.2006 18:29

what are you talking about

not to belabor this, but "enter indymediaohsu" INTO WHAT?

er 27.Dec.2006 20:40


OK..I feel like you are being funny...enter "indymediaohsu" in the rectangle box at the top of your screen where it says "search web"....got that? "click" your arrow on search web. Point your arrow at the first listing at the top of the next screen....OK now.. there will be another screen...point the arrow at the first listing at the top of that screen and "click". My article will appear with a black background.....on that screen where it says "more to this article" click and the rest of the article will appear...scroll down until you see the comment about "Bob Swan"...follow what directions he has there and read his story about what happened to him at OHSU...if that doesn't work forget it....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez 28.Dec.2006 00:35


Why not just copy the url of the story you would like everyone to read and paste it into the text of your article??

nope, still doesn't work, same as before 28.Dec.2006 01:44

if this is "funny," it's not funny the way you think it is

this is what happens when somebody follows your directions:

> Your search - indymediaohsu - did not match any documents.
> Suggestions:
> * Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
> * Try different keywords.
> * Try more general keywords.

in order for your directions to work, you'd have to tell us what search service you're
using, since it's obviously not google (which everybody else in the world uses)

er 28.Dec.2006 03:02


those directions are right on............seems to work for everyone else but "er"........? what ever!

bob swan 28.Dec.2006 03:28


That is an unfortunate situation for Bob Swan. I hope he has suport through all of this. He mentions other cases as well. I wonder how they are doing. I just don't know how this could have happened. I always thought OHSU was supose was a great hopital.

nobody 28.Dec.2006 07:30


in your comment you refer to the author as a her. How do you know it's a female?

mars/er and jj 28.Dec.2006 08:04

nobody again

Regarding the search: No, it doesn't work for everybody. My guess is that it only works for AOL users (indymediaohsu probably being an AOL "keyword"). Many/most of us don't have a rectangular box at the top of the screen saying "search web", and that search term doesn't work in most search engines that I know of. (jj: If you followed my earlier suggestion to type "ohsu mars" into the indymedia search page, you'd see why I thought mars was a woman.)

As for what I think of what happened to Bob Swan (or Mars, or x's father): Having been around hospitals much of my life, none of it surprises me in the slightest. I do think OHSU is in a unique position to capitalize due to its past reputation, it's limits on awards, its dealings with the city council (on tram, etc.), its huge size, etc. Some of my former colleagues work there (at least one as a doctor). They even swallowed OGI and digested it into something I hardly recognize now. Big organizations (whether OHSU or Starbucks) often get breaks in court for having reputations as "good citizens", deserved or not. (Are/were Bill Gates and Dale Carnegie philanthropists or robber barons?)

My dad went into a local hospital (with mixed reputation) with similar circumstances to "x" a few years ago for possible heart problems. I took him into the emergency room, and after his original results looked good, he told me to get him out of there, but the doctor wanted to keep him overnight. Over the next few days, he seemed completely knocked out, so we would intercept nurses coming to medicate him and grill them, only to find that they were accidentally overmedicating him. Long and short, he never made it back home. They said some medication stalled some organ function which never got re-started, but since he had been diagnosed with heart failure many months prior, it's hard to say precisely that that's what killed him.

In case you want to blame that on a less-than-stellar hospital, my aunt went into a local "top 100" hospital (at the time) fairly recently for minor surgery. Surgery went fine, but they misrecorded my aunt's normal dose of painkillers: added an extra 0, which seems to me to be a senseless mistake which should have been questioned immediately. Together with the anesthesia, she was completely comatose for over a day. One thing that surprised me there was that a different doctor came in and immediately and openly stated that mistakes had been made. In writing. Thank goodness she recovered nicely.

Both of those hospitals were using the very latest in digital medical records to protect against such mistakes. As for inexperienced doctors, I myself was taken to the ER at Stanford Hospital (similar to OHSU in rep) for a forehead laceration requiring stitches some years ago. It became clear soon that I was a guinea pig for a student doing this for the first time. I apparently had resulting nerve damage, as my scalp was (and is) numb for years after. Granted, it's not cancer, but it should be no surprise that teaching hospitals tend to have some less-experienced doctors. (I don't think the patients are surprised, only the referers claim to be.) They may still offer more experimental treatment where other places don't. FWIW, I do think OHSU's blanket limit on awards is a crock, as Bob Swan's case demonstrates. Individual liability release forms should be sufficient for specific experimental treatments.

OHSU... 28.Dec.2006 10:36


is a schizophrenic place. There are some great people doing great things, some top notch doctors, nurses, researchers and service staff. However, there is the other side of the coin, profit driven top administrators who make poor decisions.

Summer vacation hospital 28.Dec.2006 10:50


I won't name it - but it's a major midwest regional center one step down from the Mayo Clinic.

Also, had terrible troubles with my dad's meds. Doc said one thing, nurse heard another. We went round and round. Nurse refused to call the doc for clarification saying, 'I don't want to disturb him.' Finally, nurse said to me, 'I'm happy to do whatever you want. What do you want me to do?' Well, good grief - I never went to med school - how the heck do I know what to do?!

Also, the hospital was rushing to discharge my dad (to save $$$ even though my dad has excellent insurance from several sources) and put him on solid food - you can't leave until you eat and poop. He couldn't tolerate solids so soon. I came in one morning at 5AM and found him with a gastric tube (no one called us at home to tell us what was happening - imagine my shock walking in on him looking terrible) that remained for days. He almost went insane and begged for tube to be removed. I kept telling the nurses, 'Something's very wrong. This is not my dad. He's really hurting.' The nurses ignored me.

And on and on. It was truly awful. My dad suffered horribly.

Dad finally realized that to live he had to get out of there. He practiced standing and putting on his clothes. And one morning at 5AM told the docs, 'I'm leaving. Do what you have to do but I'm checking out.'

My dad saved his own life with his family's help and support.

If you get sick in this country you better be strong and determined.

Hey there Nobody 28.Dec.2006 15:00


I'm a computer dumby...what is URL?

BOB SWAN 28.Dec.2006 18:37


I spoke with Bob Swan today. He has a web address. It's worth checking out.
He went to OHSU oncology department and the rest is history on the web site.....WOW
Just one most horror story about OHSU's concern for life.

www.ohsuaccountability.com.......................check it out!

posting detailed directions that neither make sense nor work 28.Dec.2006 19:17

silly me for giving a shit

i hate to suspect bad faith, but "mouse' writes just like "mars"

nightmare 28.Dec.2006 19:57


everyone should read this web site if you every think you might end up needing medical treatment

words for the wary 30.Dec.2006 09:05


To "x". Your account of experiences you've had in the hospital seems balanced and corroborates what I've heard about them from my mother's own experiences there. She's tended to family and friends at St Vincent's and Emmanuel here in Portland. St Vincents has been really good (I myself just recently had surgery there, and everything was first rate), but hospitals are hugely bureaucratic and heirarchical. There are so many levels of authority and links in the chain of command, in addition to widely varied levels of staff experience. This generates many circumstances for breakdowns in communication that potentially stands to adversely affect the health of a patient.

For family and friends she attended as a visitor, my Mom frequently found it neccessary to carefully consider and question the diagnosis or treatment they were receiving. The hospital and staffs care wasn't negligent, but sometimes just erroneous. If you're a patient, it really does help if you have somebody by your side watching out for you.