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1984 a little late

This film is an absolute MUST see.
I Know that most Indy contributors would not be caught deceased in an automobile, but for the rest of us, this film is POSITIVELY CHILLING!

horrible 26.Dec.2006 14:38


This gives me the chills. I am speechless for the moment. Just finished reading 1984, as a matter of fact....it lives.....

Check out this story ... 26.Dec.2006 19:09

Jody Paulson

Auto Immunity by Kelen Tuttle
How new technology is turning your car into a spy machine.

"Tracking a driver's location at all times is scary enough, but a recent court case reveals that there's even more to worry about. According to California court documents, the FBI recorded the conversations of a suspected Las Vegas mobster for several months in 2001 by surreptitiously turning his car's OnStar-like communications device to "listen" mode. This device, which allows drivers to contact emergency personnel in the case of a crisis, contains a GPS locator system, a microphone and a speaker. Under the authority of the Homeland Security Act, the federal agents ordered the unnamed communications company to turn the device into a bug by remotely switching on the microphone and rerouting the signal to an FBI listening post. This, combined with the system's GPS device, allowed the FBI to hear everything said in the car and track the suspect's movements at all times, all without his knowledge."

Scary 27.Dec.2006 14:52


There was an article here that discussed Cellphones being used in the SAME fashion.
Here is a link:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/12/350629.shtml

Scary crap indeed; Time to break out the cans and strings.

RFID tags 27.Dec.2006 17:42

Jody Paulson

It occurred to me after watching the above video that if they can do all that stuff right now with license plate numbers, what kind of prison will they turn this country into when they force everyone to carry around RFID tags in the form of ID cards (or worse, actual implants under the skin). Currently, "RFID tags can be read remotely by a device up to 20 yards away."  http://www.ebizq.net/topics/rfid/features/6164.html?rss

I don't want to be a Luddite, I realize what a boon such devices can be to law enforcement, but that's only if you can actually *trust* law enforcement (or at least those who tell them what to do) which I most certainly do not! The police can already read one's license plate number, but computers give them superhuman abilities to process that information. Now they've got in the works the ability to scan everyone's ID from yards away -- which should be absolutely illegal according to the fourth amendment. The public needs to be informed of just how invasive this kind of technology is. Big Brother is at our doorstep. We must refuse to let him in!

passports 28.Dec.2006 18:56


i believe that now all passports have the chips in them now
they let you know about it when you get one
they say its to make things quicker when you come and go
i dont trust them