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vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?

We knew Henry Gonzalez and benefitted from his intelligence and ethics.Charlie P.Garcia IS NO Henry Gonzalez and you do a diservice to Henry Gonzalez's name to infer as much or bestow an award to this vFinance penny stock scheister in his name.
vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?

vFinance's Charlie P. Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?

Oh no Mr.Charlie P. Garcia of vFinance was bestowed a Henry B. Gonzalez award.Having been born in Texas and remembering the public spirit Henry Gonzalez brought to the U.S. government I really do consider it an insult to his memory to give an award in his name to a man whose company has aided offshore penny stock pumps and dumps and accounts.
Even the SEC admits vFin(and Charles Schwab) has aided and abetted penny stock pumps and dumps from LOM of Bermuda etc. and thus even probable money laundering - the exact thing Henry Gonzalez was investigating near the time of his death re 'Iraqgate'.

I believe Henry Gonzalez would be investigating Mr.Charlie P.Garcia and his colleagues' offshore
'trading activities' in this post 911 era - NOT giving him awards ! Remember Iraqgate !

We knew Henry Gonzalez and benefitted from his intelligence and ethics.Charlie P.Garcia IS NO Henry Gonzalez and you do a diservice to Henry Gonzalez's name to infer as much or bestow an award to this vFinance penny stock scheister in his name.

It is also highly unlikely that if Henry Gonzalez were alive today that he would be invited to breakfast with George W Bush at the W Bush and Republican White House as the Republican Charles Patrick Garcia was.The suppressed Iraqgate investigation of the 1990's into the arming of Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the 1980's prior to the Gulf War by W's daddy George Herbert Walker Bush and gang was led by Henry Garcia and later unfortunately covered up by the Bill Clinton administration.

vFinance's Charlie P. Garcia receives Henry B. Gonzalez award !?



Kenneth R. Timmerman

Candidate Bill Clinton vowed to get to the bottom of the Iraqgate scandal. By Kenneth R. Timmerman Author of The Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq (Hooughton Miffin) and publisher of Iran Brief, a monthly newsletter.

The American Spectator November 1996

Whatever Happened to IRAQGATE

As the 1992 presidential race reached its final days, Bill Clinton promised that, if elected, he would appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate allegations by congressional Democrats that the U.S. government had secretly been aiding the Iraqi weapons buildup-and perhaps even its nuclear weapons effort-and then engaging in a cover-up to hide its handiwork. Repeatedly challenging President Bush for the Republican "tilt" toward Iraq in the 1980's, Clinton vowed that no political considerations would cloud the investigation. The Clinton team took the issue so seriously that vice-presidential candidate Al Gore, in a landmark speech, called the Iraq scandal "worse than Watergate."

The story had all the ingredients for a political potboiler: official letters from the director of CIA and the attorney general to the House Banking Committee Chairman Henry Gonzalez(D-TX), warning him to drop the investigation of an obscure bank in Atlanta, Georgia, because of unspecified "national security" implications; highly publicized allegations by Gonzalez of a White House cover-up a corporate whistle blower who claimed her life had been threatened; and tales of Iraqi agents cozying up to CIA operatives, and buying up U.S. companies to establish the covert arms pipeline to Saddam.

The focus of Gonzalez's investigation was a massive $5.5 billion bank fraud that the Justice Department pinned on Christopher Drogoul, the lowly Atlanta branch manager of Italy's state-owned Banca Nazionale del Lavom (BNL). Benefitting from U.S. government export credit guarantees, the Atlantic bank lent the money to companies all over world that were supplying Saddam Hussein with weapons manufacturing gear and other goods. In his defense, Drogoul-backed by Gonzalez-claimed he was merely the instrument of a secret U.S. policy to aid Saddam Hussein. Rejecting that notion, the Justice Department indicted Drogoul on 347 counts of fraud and related charges in 1991.

As the presidential campaign heated up, Gonzalez bombarded the White House, the State Department, and the intelligence agencies with subpoenas, obtaining reams of sensitive diplomatic cables and internal memos documenting the U.S."tilt" toward Iraq. It was these documents (as well as Brent Scowcroft's secret trip to China only weeks after the tianananmen massacre in June 1988) that prompted Bill Clinton to charge , during the final days of the campaign, that President Bush had been "coddling dictators."

Nearly four years and several grand juries later, however, the Clinton administration has swept its "Iraqgate" investigation under the rug. The Final Report, issued by attorney general Janet Reno on January 17, 995, and written by Reno deputy John Hogan, amounts to little more than a whitewash of the entire affair. In every case it examined, the report concluded there had been no violation of law. And in a classified addendum, subsequently rendered public, the intelligence community and the executive branch were exonerated of having "illegally armed Iraq," despite extensive evidence of intelligence community involvement unearthed by the Gonzalez investigation and the U.S. Customs Service.

My response to hispanictips website upon hearing of this hypocrisy :

We knew Henry Gonzalez and benefitted from his intelligence and ethics.Charlie P.Garcia IS NO Henry Gonzalez and you do a diservice to Henry Gonzalez's name to infer as much or bestow an award to this vFinance penny stock scheister in his name.

Tony Ryals

The Henry B. Gonzalez Awards Bestowed on Dolores Huerta and Charles Garcia - San Antonio

 link to www.hispanictips.com

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Democratic candidate's firm added to fraud suit :

mcaputo (at) MiamiHerald.com


Another name that surfaced: Sterling founder Charles Patrick Garcia, the businessman who had breakfast with President Bush in August when he called for immigration reform in Miami. As part of the deal in January with vFinance, Sterling was paid with 17.5 million shares of vFinance stock -- worth about $4.3 million -- and Garcia was given a $262,000 job, according to public filings and Ticktin.

Garcia didn't return calls. Ticktin said Sterling is almost done paying $450,000 in regulatory fines.

The lead plaintiff, Brian Vodicka, claims the defendants knew or should have known they were marketing a faulty machine, that they lied about its effectiveness and then fraudulently sought out investors to pump up the price of the stock before dumping the shares to make a profit.

Vodicka is responsible for bringing in media heiress Barbara Hearst as an investor. Another big name investor: Bobby Inman, former deputy director of the CIA.

But vFinance didn't just help out Sterling when it was in trouble. According to a 2004 lawsuit filed in New Jersey by Elizabeth Redden, 93, vFinance purchased the assets of a firm she was suing, Somerset Financial Group. After all the creditors got done with Somerset, there was no money left for her, and she died soon after, losing $250,000, said her lawyer, George Mahr III.

''Basically, they helped make sure a little old lady didn't get her money before she died,'' Mahr said. ``The problem is, the transaction was legal. It wasn't ethical. But Congress writes the laws and the [regulators] aren't regulating. And look at Congress.''

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