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AUDIO FILE: Portland Rally in Support of the People of Oaxaca Mexico

Friday afternoon, December 22, 2006, Portlanders gathered at the downtown Mexican Consulate to voice their outrage at the Mexican governments treatment of the citizens of Oaxaca Mexico and demand an end to the many months of violence.
After giving a brief synopsis of the situation, the moderator then spoke a little about current events in the area. Before the Rally had began, a group of people met with officials inside the Consulate. Part way through the rally, the group emerged, and a few of them updated the gathering on what transpired behind the closed doors.

There were no big surprises, as the officials inside the building, though listening respectfully to the delegation, denied that the Mexican government was perpetuating violence and death against its citizens.
After the gathering was updated on the situation, the organizers practiced some street theatre, which was then to be taken across the river to Holladay Park, near Lloyd Center. I did not accompany them to the Park, so, hopefully, someone else can report back on that aspect of the event.

This is an audio file of the speakers, including members of the delegation, most of which is given in both Spanish and English. The audio file is about 26 minutes in length.

Todos Somos Oaxaca, RealPlayer
Todos Somos Oaxaca, MP3

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what about? 25.Dec.2006 11:54

Navajo Nation

This is exactly what I hate about single-issue activism. They focus soley and completely on the people of Oaxaco, yet ignore the plight of the Navajo holding the blockade at Desert Rock in New Mexico. Does their need not have as much merit or call for concern as that of Oaxaca? For months this Oaxaca issue has been raging, and recently the Navajo have called for aid...yet STILL Indymedia focuses almost completely on Oaxaca while essentially ignoring the Navajo.

Single-issue activism is for losers (literally, people-who-lose). Wake up.

It's funny that you say that 25.Dec.2006 12:22


I would like to say this once. In many protests that I have been to there have been numerous complaints about the focus of the event. If I am at an animal rights protest people will haggle me to protest global warming, if I am at a global warming protest people will haggle me to protest animal cruelty. The fact is, our field of activism does not contribute to just one cause. For instance, many people will complain if I am at a single event and say for me to protest more, but when people have knowledge of the variety of issues I and others protest, they will say "you protest just for the fun of protesting". Make up your mind on what you are going to criticsize us for.

But it is funny that you bring up the issue of Navajo, because one of the activists you claim to be focused on Oaxaca alone that was in this protest is actually doing a hell of a lot for the standoff in Navajo. Not revealing anything, this person has been trying to do fundraising for a videoista down in Navajo right now. My point is not to gloat about this person, but of the pure ignorance in your statement. You can't really call out activists and protests in which you have no idea what they're about. I would be embarassed if I were to rag on people for not doing something they commit a lot of time to. But isn't it ironic that you picked the one issue that is being incredibly ignored, that an activist at that protest is incredibly involved in, it's really ignorance at it's highest. So Navajo Nation, you are not scoring political points by being a nay-sayer, you are actually just making yourself look bad.

Not to discourage you, I would fully support you if you right an article about Navajo (remember you can't blaim an open publishing website for not publishing something). It is just as much your fault as it is anyone's fault that this issue is not being widely published on indymedia. Do something about it.

Once again, I'm not trying to troll on you, just giving you suggestions on what you wrote. Think about every word you write.

Navajo Resistance/Oaxaca Resitance 25.Dec.2006 17:26

Injun B

It is my inderstanding that both fights are indigenous. As indigenous people they both care about the same things clean air clean water and a right to live like they have for thousands of years. These fights are fights against the capitalist machine that says money is more important than indigenous religion and way of life. Therfore standing with one stands with the other in the sense that you are fighting for thee goals. Here is more info on the fight on the Navajo reservation go to this website  http://www.desert-rock-blog.com/. In solidarity 500 years of indigenous resistance.

i agree with Bash 26.Dec.2006 14:29

in solidarity with the people Oaxaca

Just as the people of Oaxaca should be getting our support, so should the people living in the "4 corners" area of the "United States." I recently helped to organize a benefit for the people of Oaxaca and a friend of mine was there who was on his way to "New Mexico" to support the Dine' peoples. At the benefit for Oaxaca, we mentioned the struggle of the Dine'

Check out the film called: El Enemigo Com˙n (The Common Enemy)
(you can download the film from indytorrents.org)

We are trying to say there is a "Common Enemy" and that all these struggles, north, south, east and west, are related!

As for blaming Indymedia, that is a bit silly, as Bash pointed out... but, the struggle of the Dine' is being covered by people who are publishing on Arizona Indymedia (and, Injun B, it looks like you (re)published an article on portland imc, right on.)

Dine' Establish Blockade Near Proposed Power Plant Site

Please read on to find out how you can help!

The coverage from AZ-IMC has been featured on Indymedia.us and Indymedia.org where there are more photos, links and contact information for who to send letters to, etc...

plus, the information has been translated into: franšais, deutsch y espa˝ol

There will be a EZLN encuentro in couple of days:

and people are gathering in Oventik, Chiapas, Mexico to further unite and organize our solidarity and resistance.

Save the earth, save the animals, tear down the borders, stop the WTO, IMF and World Bank, act in solidarity with all peoples of the tierra.

towards a global network of movements against borders

Help send media resources and medical supplies to some of Oaxaca's most remote indigenous communities, in order to contribute to their ability to document their own histories of collective organizing and resistance.

For more information about donations to Oaxaca visit: