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Remember, Don't Block the CIA IP Addresses on Wikipedia . . .

On Wikipedia, you can pull back the curtain for a moment to see how the world really works.
Wikipedia:Sensitive IP addresses
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sensitive due to public relations implications

If you block an IP in any of the following ranges, you are required to immediately notify the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Committee. These ranges are allocated to major governmental organizations and blocks of these organizations have political and public relations implications that must be managed by the Foundation's press relations team. Avoid long blocks of these addresses and be especially careful in formulating your block messages because your block message will be seen and commented on by the press.

*, (United States House of Representatives)
* - ( (United States Senate)
* - United States Central Intelligence Agency
* - United States Department of Justice
* - United States Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Pensacola, FL
* - ( (UK Parliament)
* - ( (Government of Canada)

homepage: homepage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sensitive_IP_addresses