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Info on Oregon Overseas Timber Co

Oregon Overseas Timber Co is a multi-faceteted raw old growth log exporter AND FSC certified milling company that on face should not be handling federal or state timber.
Oregon Overseas Timber Co Inc

According to the city of Bandon it employs 50 people.

Nils and Rita Lau formed a domestic limited partnership company in 1984 called Oregon Overseas Timber Co and in 1986 they disolved it and in 1987 Nils and Allen Price formed a Domestic Business Corporation called Oregon Overseas Timber Co Incorporated.

They have filed every year with the state since then and were orignially registered in Coos and Curry Counties. The registry does not list counties for the newest business.

Oregon business registry # 092105-84

PO BOX 1701

since: 10-22-1987


PO BOX 1701

Office: 541-347-4419

Fax: 541-347-2113

email:  allenp@ootci.com

The FSC website lists them as"

"The following companies have FSC chain-of-custody certification and sell materials for the building market-such as lumber, flooring, windows, doors, etc. Contact the company directly to get a complete list of FSC-certified products available."

Apparently 'Uli' is their FSC lumber sales associate.

Oregon Forest Industry Directory Website  http://www.orforestdirectory.com/detail.php?company=306


Jim Curran, Manager
Phone: 541-347-4419
Log or Chip Buyer, Tom Forsman
Phone: 541-347-4419

Log Buying Preferences
Minimum Length: 20
Maximum Length: 40
Preferred Length: 40
Minimum Diameter: 26
Notes: high grade logs, old-growth culls
Big Logs This company purchases logs larger than 30 inches in diameter.

According to the Pacific Lumber Exporters Association (PLEA) and Softwood Export Council (SEC) (520 SW 6th Ave Suite 810, Portland Oregon, 97205)
at  http://www.softwood.org/plea/PLEA-1J.pdf

Oregon Overseas Deals mostly with Japan/East Asia, Australia/EastPacificIslands, as well as NorthernEurope
They can apparently speak Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

They are advertised at link to www.bandon.com
as offering: PRODUCTS

Beams -- rough green; rough kiln-dried


Component stock

Lumber -- vertical grain in various grades, primarily tight

Lumber (kiln-dried)

Lumber (rough)

They are listed on WoodPlanet, a website for buying & selling wood products,

link to www.woodplanet.com

as offering:

* boards, common
* boards, select
* fingerjoint stock

* ladder stock
* Kiln Dried, Surfaced Lumber
* Kiln Dried, Rough Lumber

* Dimension (2"-4")
* Softwood Boards

Oregon Overseas has ODF
category 'O' log brand numbers: 32248 and 32249

Silver Creek has:

Rough and Ready has ODF
category 'F' brand numbers of 16352,16353,16354,20414,20415,20416,20417
category 'K' brands of 16355,16356,16357,16968,16969,16970,20418,20419
category 'I' brands of 16967
category '4' brands of 20420
category '5' brands of 07350
category '2' brands of 07351

regarding exporting federal timber

It is illegal to export raw federal logs, it is illegal for a mill processing raw private logs for export to also handle federal logs for at least 12 months.
In addition it is illegal in the state of oregon to export raw state logs.

Current us law CFR Chp 3 620 a states

620a. Restrictions on exports of unprocessed timber originating from Federal lands

(a) Prohibition on export of unprocessed timber originating from Federal lands

No person who acquires unprocessed timber originating from Federal lands west of the 100th meridian in the contiguous 48 States may export such timber from the United States, or sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise convey such timber to any other person for the purpose of exporting such timber from the United States, unless such timber has been determined under subsection (b) of this section to be surplus to the needs of timber manufacturing facilities in the United States. (b) Surpluses

(1) Determinations by Secretary concerned

The prohibition contained in subsection (a) of this section shall not apply to specific quantities of grades and species of unprocessed timber originating from Federal lands which the Secretary concerned determines to be surplus to domestic manufacturing needs.

(2) Procedures

Any determination under paragraph (1) shall be made in regulations issued in accordance with section 553 of title 5. Any such determination shall be reviewed at least once in every 3-year period. The Secretary concerned shall publish notice of such review in the Federal Register, and shall give the public an opportunity to comment on such review.

Oregon law on timber exports:


Criteria for Eligibility to Purchase State Timber or Logs

(1) In addition to all other requirements of law, a person may bid for state timber or logs originating from state lands if the person certifies in a form and manner specified by the State Forester that:

(a) The person will not directly or indirectly export unprocessed state timber or logs and

(b) Unless exempted by section (2) of this rule, the person has not directly or indirectly exported unprocessed timber from private lands in Oregon for a period of not less than 24 months prior to the date of submission of the bid; and

(c) The person will not sell, transfer, exchange or otherwise convey unprocessed state timber or logs to any other person without obtaining a certification from the person that meets the requirements of OAR 629-031-0030.

(d) The person shall not engage in export of unprocessed timber originating from private lands in Oregon until such time as all interests in contracts for state timber held by that person have terminated.

(2) Purchases of hardwood logs originating from state timber sales for domestic processing only may be made by persons otherwise ineligible to bid under (1)(b) above, provided they certify that:

(a) They have not directly or indirectly exported unprocessed hardwood timber from private lands in Oregon for at least 24 months.

(b) The hardwood logs shall be domestically processed.

(c) They will obtain a certification from any person to whom they sell, transfer, exchange or otherwise convey state hardwood logs that meets the requirements of OAR 629-30-030.