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No Civil Disobedience for New Years Day Event at Steel Bridge

Friendly warning: This is not a civil disobedience event. Illegal direct action and police confrontation is strongly discouraged.
No civil disobedience (illegal direct action) is planned for the event at Steel Bridge on New Years Day. I don't want anyone getting arrested, or doing anything to get arrested. Since illegal direct action would be harmful to the spirit of the event, you may expect other event participants to testify against anyone who commits illegal acts, like trying to block traffic.

Although highly unlikely, genuine police misconduct can be handled appropriately. There are several PHD's who plan to attend, and other professionals who would make excellent witnesses in court.

This will be a family friendly event, without incident. It is from noon to 2PM, on the walkway(s) across Steel Bridge. The human chain may extend down the east and west waterfront walkways, depending upon turnout.

If you want to have a direct action/civil disobedience event, you have my blessing. Just do it somewhere else.

Let us all work to end the dictatorship being created by the Bush dynasty. This organizer knows that his life may be on the line. The risks are real. Just go to the Japanese Memorial Park to see what can happen here.

good luck liberals 18.Dec.2006 21:31


hope your phds protect you from cop violence

A "friendly" warning? 18.Dec.2006 22:18

And I have a graduate degree too. Since it seems to matter.

"...you may expect other event participants to testify against anyone who commits illegal acts, like trying to block traffic."

I do not think I have ever been so offended by anything that I've read on Portland Indymedia.

If anyone at all who is associated with this protest is willing to collaborate with the police state against any demonstrators, whether they commit acts of civil disobedience or not, you are a snitch, an informant, and the dirtiest lowlife imaginable. I cannot and will not support you. I will not participate in your action, which in light of this news, is utterly pathetic.

For the record, I had no plans to commit any acts of civil disobedience. My child and I probably would have attended this event. Thank God you warned us that you are nothing but a collaborator and a snitch. I would add, for the rest of us, that we need to find out who is organizing this event and make damn sure that we *never* participate in anything that these people put on. This is positively frightening. What a time and place for people to be threatening demonstrators and pretending that "genuine police misconduct" is "unlikely."

These are some really clueless individuals who are not worthy of our support or solidarity. What is more, they are dangerous.

"This organizer knows that his life may be on the line. The risks are real."

Indeed. And you, my friend, are a collaborating, clueless, fuck. It is not you who will be in danger, it is the rest of us. Those of us who are unwilling to collaborate with the enemy, who are unwilling to avert our eyes from what is really happening, who see the real writing on the wall, and who are really ready to fight for real justice. Not just hold hands and sing and clap each others' backs and look good on tv. And you, you will be the one with your finger on the trigger, the one slamming shut the doors on the cattle cars, the one pulling the levers and letting the gas in. Yes, thank you for the warning. I will be watching for you.

There was nothing at all "friendly" about this warning. It is ominous. And it is laughable. And I cannot believe I am actually seeing this on Portland Indymedia.

"Organizer" 18.Dec.2006 22:41


Russ Hallberg. I know this is you. Mr. "They can rot in jail."

Be warned, comrades. These people brought us the O5 fiasco, and with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Anyone who would actually promise to testify against fellow activists is no comrade. He is an enemy.

Well have fun holding hands and hating people who don't have PhDs, but with a smile. How very, very pathetic. And how ignorant. Not just ignorant of what is really happening in the world, but also of this community. How much support do you expect to have? Do you really think that happy, shiny, "good" people with families and PhDs and high incomes will flock to your cause now? You have underestimated this entire community.

Un-Fucking-Believable 18.Dec.2006 22:46


It seems to me that any announcements regarding this event belong in the compost bin, since it is apparently being put on by people willing to collaborate with the police state against their comrades.

To Organizer 18.Dec.2006 22:58

pdx resident

You called for mass disobedience on Oct 5th. You got what you asked for, just not in the form you wanted. Rather than reach out to people, try to work together, find common ground, you started shouting on this site about how people should be arrested.

When some of the radical community reached out to you and the WCW organizers, you turned tail and ran, scared to meet with people and work out some accommodation. Such accommodations have been worked out before. Instead, you post this embarrassing post which makes the whole event look bad, and makes you look immature and petty.

pukies 18.Dec.2006 23:00

honors student

I hope your chain goes horrible, trader!!!! If you ARE the fellow who dressed up as Ben Franklin on October fifth, then shame on you. Ben Franklin wouldn't tell cops about revolutionaries. There probably won't be enough bourgie people with Ph.Ds to attend your chain, and it will be a failure because you've alienated so many activists who care and who accomplish things. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you, STRUMPET!

hmmm 18.Dec.2006 23:04


"This organizer knows that his life may be on the line."

That is so laughable. You are not at risk. The state loves snitches and those who rat out others. I am sure you will get along splendidly. You are not at risk, because you will never do anything that challenges established power. Doing something to challenge established power requires someone with the courage to reach out to people, build solidarity. All you know is your own cozy circle and cheap shots like this cause you are still annoyed that you were not obeyed on Oct 5th.

the reality of WHO is arrested at demonstrations 18.Dec.2006 23:07

catherine stauffer catherine@resist.ca

Ok, I think somebody may have been watching too much tv, and has not been out in the street enough. The author of this article is really ill informed as to WHO is getting arrested at these demonstrations and why.

Here is some info you might find useful about why the Portland Legal Defense Network formed to combat what we witnessed FIRST HAND on the streets of Portland:

The Portland Legal Defense Network has been around since Day X, 2002. We are activists, radical law students, and medics. We formed during a wave of severe police misconduct against protesters that had begun in 2000, post the WTO in Seattle.

For those of us in the street at this time, going out to a protest meant being pepper sprayed, shot at with rubber bullets and bean bag guns, and trampled with horses. Portland police randomly snatched and arrested protesters, and many of them would come out of custody having been hit with batons, with wrist injuries, head injuries, and having been peppersprayed (and sometimes left to sit in it for hours).

The corporate media portrayed protesters as violent and unruly, our mayor did nothing, and this violence lasted for several years. We heard reports at this time of a girl getting her teeth knocked out while riding her bike in an anti-war critical mass and two infants were purposely peppersprayed by Portland Police. A group of protesters were surrounded and forced to lay down and then pepersprayed and not allowed to move or leave for 20min... On multiple occations police attacked an entire crowd after giving them a completely inaudible order to disperse.

We have been working for the past 4 and a half years to create a network to fight back.

The author of this post needs to know WHO is getting arrested at these demonstrations. The Portland Legal Defense Network sees these folks as they get out of custody, so I can give you a glimpse. Most of them are people who never thought that they were going to be arrested. Many of them are women. Many of them claim that they were simply slammed to the ground for doing nothing illegal. Many of them got hurt in the process. One man was arrested because spit came out of his mouth as he was shouting near an officer. He was charged with assaulting the officer. People are arrested for stepping into the street. People are arrested for not showing ID. People LIKE YOU are arrested for no reason. Some of them have PHD's.

Their charges are usually reduced or dropped in the long run. That is because the state can't produce evidence that they have committed a crime. Is this intimidation and harassment of protesters expressing their first amendment rights? It sure can look that way to me.

If the author of this post is arrested and we are doing jail support, we will come and pick you up from jail, refer you to an National Lawyer Guild attorney, scramble to find witnesses and video of what happened, and be very nice to you. Then perhaps you might understand what is going on the streets of Portland.

blech 18.Dec.2006 23:10

indy reader

No, this should not be taken down. It is important for people to know. Not about the event because nobody was going to go do something there anyway. It is important for people to know how sniveling and cowardly liberals are and when the tough gets going, they are always going to turn to the state for protection and turn allies in.

Organizer 18.Dec.2006 23:18

Is A Joke

You are too scared to meet with radicals who are loving safe people, and you are going to take on the brutal US war machine? You got some serious reality to wake up to.

Try reading some history of mass movement in this country and in other parts of the world. It is painful how naive you are. Real organizers do not use the police as a weapon of coercion. They use vision, passion, and a focus on getting somewhere, not threats of state violence because they did not get what they want when they want it.

a 18.Dec.2006 23:22



The current US government uses violence and threats of violence to force its will upon others.

You also use threats of institutional violence to force your will upon others.

You are the system that needs to be changed.

humor 18.Dec.2006 23:26

of the day

"end the dictatorship being created by the Bush dynasty"

aren't you extending that dictatorship by dictating to people what they can and cannot do on a public bridge and then go on to armor your statements with threats of PHD's becoming witnesses for the State - hehehehehehe

Condoleeza Rice has a PHD - does that make her human?

Stop and think 18.Dec.2006 23:30


If we are to create change then we need to work together, we need to respect others as activists and focus on results. However, you seem more intent on acting like a hero than achieving results or uniting a group to cause change. You are not in danger. Only effective activists are targetted by the government. You, on the other hand, seem intent on destroying our community.

I'm glad you posted this. Now people will know better than to take you seriously.

Get a grip Man! 18.Dec.2006 23:49

IMC Contributor

Dude, wake up!

Genuine police misconduct will be handled appropriately? And how is that oh veteran of the street? The IPR is a joke. So what are you going to do?

It is radical media activists and jail support volunteers who collect and organize video and witness accounts of police misconduct. It is radical activists doing copwatching, and taking the brunt of police ire, assault and oppression. It is radical activists running news sites like this one that get out stories that are otherwise ignored or misrepresented. It is radical activists, spending long hours after events are over, looking at tapes and getting it to lawyers which has helped many individuals beat bogus charges leveled against them just because they dare to speak up.

It is all these hard working people who you are insulting. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror, or, not that I wish it upon you, maybe you need a police baton upside your head to knock some sense into you.

Hi Russ 18.Dec.2006 23:57

food for thought

you have now caused the most immature people to show up and fuck with you

. 19.Dec.2006 00:05


Make sure those PHD's are accompanied by some MD's, and a few lawyers, and perhaps you can make sure the police have their cameras there also. You might also consider requiring everyone to wear RFID chips for easy identification. Also, weave a chain to the siderail and make everyone wear a collar which is locked to the chain, that way anyone overtaken by a fit of disobedience will not succumb.

goom by ya my lord 19.Dec.2006 07:19

Anna Ther

Hey dumfuq (oops, did my language offend?) who the hell do you think that you are? If you wanna stand around with your thumbs up each other's asses singing goom by ya, go right ahead. Don't tell the real people what to do, how to think, or when/where to do so.
Of course, since you have declared this to be a non event, I hope that you are correct. The rest of us will be-somewhere, doing something, that might make a difference.

I hate snitches 19.Dec.2006 08:04


is anyone else actually doing ANYTHING? I mean, I don't think that this is actually going to make any change... at all, but still, what's the point of complaining when you're not doing anything positive yourself. I would never work with organizer, but the steele bridge is not a good one to block because it has the max and a good portion of the buses.

So, as there is 25 posts against this action why not organize one instead that won't suck so much.

Even PhD's . . . 19.Dec.2006 16:18


some PhD's like civil disobedience and support it. I teach my students what it is and why people do it. I didn't attend the last WCW demo and I won't be attending this one.

Doing something 19.Dec.2006 16:30


"...is anyone else actually doing ANYTHING? I mean, I don't think that this is actually going to make any change... at all, but still, what's the point of complaining when you're not doing anything positive yourself. I would never work with organizer, but the steele bridge is not a good one to block because it has the max and a good portion of the buses."

Respectfully, the point here is not whether or not the steel bridge is a good one to block. I do not think anyone had any plans at all for any direct action, road blocking, etc for this event. In point of fact, given the poor outreach and the track record of the people who have been promoting this event, I doubt very much if many people were planning to even be there. (The idea that they would need to "extend down the east and west waterfront walkways, depending upon turnout" is laughable.)

This is about people asking others to come to their beck and call, and then making it clear that there is no common ground, no mutual understanding, and will be no solidarity for anyone who actually shows up. This is about turning people in. These are not just idle words, these people have actually done so before. Foolishly, I had thought it was simply a matter of naivete and ignorance that caused them to do so, and so I had hoped that the efforts made by the radical community to bridge the gaps between the foolish, theoretical idealism of the clueless liberals and the hard-won wisdom of the radicals might actually bring about some understanding from these folks. I was wrong.

As for whether others are "doing anything," oh my yes. Work is being done all over the city for real change, not just photo ops for sick and pathetic little organizers, as is the case for this event. But these people -- the person who posted this ridiculous crap and the others who continue to support him -- these folks are actively and willfully working *against* real activists. These are ignorant, unwitting collaborators. There is no excuse for them.

I Vote To Sit By and Watch 20.Dec.2006 07:44

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

Since I know first hand that Portland Police don't really CARE if a fair-sized group CLAIMS that they're not doing anything illegal, they'll enjoy battering and spraying the group of "potential criminals" anyway. They do this violence because they can, not because anyone ever asked for it, deserved it, or earned it. You don't get it do you? Police hate everybody equally, regardless of education or intentions.

You guys are fair game out there, just like the rest of us, so I just may wander on over just to watch the rats run for cover for once----ha-ha-ha!

So just keep'em busy so the rest of us can be free of violence and get something done for once...

no, the police won't hurt them 20.Dec.2006 17:27

because they work for the police

Word has it, they have actually been testifying in court against some of the O5 defendants.

Ryan Dunn - O5 Defendant - Acquitted. 20.Dec.2006 18:04


If anyone testified against O5 defendants, it didn't work.

Ryan Dunn, the first O5 defendant to go to trial, was acquitted of Interfering with a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct.

Defense counsel Leah Greenwald successfully was able to introduce the fact that a lieutenant, sergeant, and two officers involved in Dunn's arrest were registered Republicans, to show bias of the officers involved in the arrest.

they did not testify 20.Dec.2006 21:40

catherine stauffer

Only one of these cases has been heard, and no WCW organizer testified for either side. I got this info from the National Lawyers Guild.

to whoever 29.Dec.2006 17:57

is reading

I am a private citizen. I will go where I want when I want and nobody will tell me when that is but me.

I want to see Bush in jail, so I will attend this event. I will behave respectfully at all times. I will not offer violence to anyone. Other than that do not tell me how to act. If I want to block traffic I will. I will show signs that say what I think. I will speak out loudly. I may not be dressed or talk or act like you, but I will not fuck with you over it- don't fuck with me. If I think the issue of Impeachment worth going to jail for that's what I think and you will not change it by threatening me.

Remember, you are just a schmuck like every other one of us, and if you think you are better you are already wrong. Don't look down at or threaten me, and this applies to anyone at all. When you threaten to disrupt an event you are threatening me, just like the assholes who want to arrest folks for lying in the street- you threaten my freedom.

My freedom to speak is less because people fear cophaters' actions and ASK the police to protect them from us ALL, not knowing the difference. My freedom is less because others have had their bellies full of being endangered by those who do not know what Civil Disobedience is and who have given the cops an excuse to bash heads of innocent bystanders as well as the idiots who rush the cop lines.

My freedoms are being abridged by some folks' fury, and other's fear. If you are ruled by either, and especially both, you have a war to win in your heart before you can do much anywhere else.

anyone who thinks this event.... 30.Dec.2006 23:46

jail bush

anyone that seriously thinks this event will help to "end the bush dynasty" has had their head up their ass and probably the oregonian for the last 6 years. if you think anyone gives a fuck about a demonstration, a pathetic hand holding event of professed witnesses against traffic blockers, you have a sad self aggrandized and midguided view of the power of your little event. they don't give a shit if every person on the planet holds hands and chants innocuous songs in perfect acapella-- you are nothing to them. they look at you and laugh. jesus christ. what do you define an act of lawlessness and who are you? are you the people that think the democrats will save us? take your little steel bridge event and have a nice day holding hands and you can go home to your comfort zones, turn on the heat and go back to what you were doing. is there a 911 truth activist among the lot of you??