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Is US goverment doing experiments on how to drive people crazy?

It seems like a funny (if not paranoid) question, but I keep being confronted with the following unquestionably true stories and articles -- is our own government continuing earlier Nazi experiments on this subject?
Anyone who has ever watched the classic movie "Gaslight" with Ingrid Bergman knows it's theoretically possible to make a sane person question their own sanity with a few subtle techniques. And what happened to Jose Padilla isn't exactly subtle, is it? What's the story behind what military authorities did to whistleblower Donald Vance? What possible information could we hope to obtain from Afghani detainees at Guantanamo Bay? Maybe they are being experimented on. Also included is a story about 9/11 truth researcher Michael Ruppert, who is reportedly suffering from adrenal gland burnout. High levels of electromagnetic pollution are a known cause of this disease. I've written about directed energy weapons and gangstalking before [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/330672.shtml ]. This is becoming widespread and the mainstream press isn't connecting the dots.

By JOHN GRANT of the Philadelphia Daily News

Former US Detainee in Iraq Recalls Torment (about Donald Vance)
By Michael Moss
The New York Times

by Michael C. Ruppert

US government has a long history of trying to drive people crazy 18.Dec.2006 20:12

escapee from asylum

The best source of info:  http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/
Also enter MKULTRA on any search engine. 1978 Congressional inquiry into government mind control, deliberately driving people insane. There are also Google videos, etc.

Probably why folks like Rumsfeld and Hitler are/were fond of neurotoxic substances, like aspartame and flouride. Also the reason for chemtrails? Isn't America great?

I think GW has been a lab rat for that research... 19.Dec.2006 08:15

Pravda or Consequences

and because I am already unstable, I am immune :)

Here's another link 19.Dec.2006 14:22

Jody Paulson

This obviously doesn't come from a mainstream sourse, but I find it troubling all the same:

Waging Psyops, Psychotronics, Stalking, and Theater on Military Personnel

I know there's a lot in there that would make one think, gee, that guy's just crazy. But have you ever watched a hypnotist put on a show? I have. He had one guy I knew (a regular college student) running down the isle of a crowded theater yelling, "the Smurfs are coming! The Smurfs are coming!" Some people who are otherwise perfectly sane can be very suseptible to suggestion -- how else can you explain the insanity of 30% of Americans *approving* of how Bush is handling the war in Iraq? How do we know there isn't such a thing as a Manchurian candidate? A better question to pose is, giving what we know about the criminality of those holding office right now, is "why wouldn't there be?"

I'm pretty certain I was a target of this abuse 05.May.2007 10:20

Jared Laverdure yesjared@gmail.com

After being dismissed as paranoid and mentally ill after a 1996 incident in which Portland police arrested me I have experienced psychic attacks in Portland by what I call the psychic police. The most recent occurence was when I moved back to Portland after a 3 year absence. During this time I made some bold public displays of my spiritual and political views. I subsequently underwent what I have not been able to describe so eloquently as Bill Foote does on www.mindcontrolforums.com/v/foote.htm. His letter to John White concerning psychic warfare sheds some light on what I already knew to be true as I have experienced these phenomena precisely, in 2003,in Portland. It is no joke and I feel as if I have been exiled from the community due to such strong psychic violence.(I now live elsewhere). Please continue to drum up debate and truth about this gross injustice. I am afraid I have been written up as psychotic signed sealed and delivered.This is precisely the perpetrator's goal. Be aware and become psychically fit. Keep it coming Portland.