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Got Great Footage of Schumacher's? Wanna Share?

The pdx indy video collective is working on a video to commemorate the fabulous work of all the radical animal rights activists who showed up saturday after saturday, all year long, and finally taught Schumacher's customers what fur is really all about. Thanks to you all! What an inspiring and beautiful group of people you are!
And thanks to Linda Schumacher, for coming out of the store and baring her crooked, snaggly teeth and her naked soul to the cameras of videoistas. That will help enormously in demonstrating the mindset of those who deal in the fur trade, and in conveying the sense of urgency with which this battle is being waged. On that note, if anyone has footage of Linda Schumacher (or really any of the schumachers) making asses of themselves in front of your camera, please contact the pdx indy video collective so that we can incorporate it into the video. I am looking at some fabulously juicy footage right now of Linda's frantic and wild-eyed, frothy-mouthed diatribe at protesters. ("They sell Meat! They sell MEEEET! They sell (slobber) MEEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTT!") And in the footage, I can see at least three of our friends holding cameras that probably also have great angles on this. You know who you are. If you would be willing to share your footage for the goodbye schumachers vid, please drop us a line at  videoresistance@riseup.net.
or footage of the infamous bare ass 16.Dec.2006 17:30

videoista #24313

Yes, we could also use footage of the bare ass guy. Wait till you see what we plan to do with that. :-D

i want to see 16.Dec.2006 20:07

video from

the "naked" schumacker's protest from last year about this time.

(though i bet some of the participants would be embarassed to see themselves in the retrospective video.)

"it's really cold, brrr!, but it's better than fur!"

oh yeh, that'll be in there 17.Dec.2006 08:41

videoista #24313

U bet. An homage to the fight against fur would not be complete without footage of the naked warriors, and there's plenty of that. I don't think anyone in the vid will mind... they're all so awesome. (But if any of you do mind, again, please contact  videoresistance@riseup.net to let us know.) (But man, I really hope my friend in the green fright wig and golden speedos doesn't mind... cuz that's some way fabulous footage.) (You ROCK, my friend.)

FURRY 20.Dec.2006 11:27


great article. i love your adj. and i'm with you all the way on this one.

THINGS FUZZY AND FURRY 20.Dec.2006 22:22


hey, speaking of hair ....linds who does your hair????greg??? it looks like crap. can't you afford a good stylist? we could probably find one for you!!! actually anything would be an improvement. and all of you have a gey tone in you skin. is that from the drugs or just evil thoughts about killing animal for blood money.