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New Jet Passes With Flying Colours

New Lockheed fighter jet completes its first test.
Tom Jurkowsky, a spokesman for the Lockheed Martin Corporation, said that its new fighter jet had satisfactorily passed its test flight and
landed safely. The test was conducted in Texas.

Lockheed is developing three versions of the F-35 fighter jet.
The company's fighter jet program is being financed by eight foreign governments and the U.S. government to the tune of $276.5 billion U.S.

The F-35 Lightning 2 Joint Strike Fighter will be the most expensive purchase by the government/military.
When war is outlawed, only outlaws will have war... 16.Dec.2006 09:44

Pravda or Consequences

kinda of like they do now, but they won't have my acquiescence.

new war bird 16.Dec.2006 18:40


This plane will replace the aging fleet of F-16's, F-18's, etc.

interesting: directed-energy weapons 19.Dec.2006 16:50


Wikipedia states that directed-energy weapons (laser or microwave) may be installed on some versions of the plane. Look for planes and 'copters to be doing crowd-control at protests, coming soon to a fascist state near you!