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Israel: A Racist National Policy

This excerpt from a Haaretz editorial talks about Israeli policy that is profoundly racist. If it were any white country, talking about treating blacks in the way Israel treats non-jews, and particularly Arabs, nobody would have any trouble calling it exactly what it was. The world condemned it in Nazi Germany, and in Apartheid South Africa and it should condemn it in Israel too. These laws are but one of many facets of a blatantly racist national policy.
From Haaretz: "It turns out that the hope for a more humane law was exaggerated. Now, the Knesset is seeking to extend the temporary citizenship law by another two years, and it will also vote in a second and third reading on the law on illegal aliens, which will prevent the unification of families for those who resided in Israel illegally for as little as a month. In theory, this law is meant to counter illegal immigration; in practice it is another measure for blocking citizenship to those who are not Jews, even if they have family ties with an Israeli.

Arab citizens have to marry among themselves, or emigrate from Israel. Any possibility of marrying an Arab from a different state or the territories will be blocked by the citizenship law or the law on illegal aliens. However, the law on illegal aliens will also hurt families of Jewish new immigrants who want to bring with them non-Jewish family members. These include non-Jewish children from previous marriages, non-Jewish elderly parents of new immigrants and also foreign workers who fell in love with Israelis and would like to live with them in Israel. The strict immigration policy that Israel is adopting with these laws completely ignores the breadth of possibilities stemming from ties of love and human relationships. Henceforth, the government recommends, through legislation, it is advisable to fall in love only with Jews, or to give up living in Israel."