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No Sweat, Portland!

Activist and Green Party member Medea Benjamin was in Portland tonight at a small get together in a SE Portland home to raise money and awareness for an anti-sweatshop ordinance in Portland.
About 35 people gathered in a SE Portland area home tonight to socialize and raise money for Global Exchange and the Portland Sweatfree Coalition. The Coalition is looking for the City Council to join 174 other Cities, State, Counties and School Districts nationwide who have adopted Sweatfree ordinances.

A sweatfree ordinance requires the City to source its goods and services from contractors who use fair labor practices. Fair labor practices are defined as obeying minimum wage laws, overtime, freedom of association, and occupational and health standards. Los Angeles and SF are two of the larger cities with such laws. I believe NJ, PA and one other state also have anti-sweatshop laws on the books.

Medea a gave an inspiring 1/2 hour talk and then asked the crowd for money and raised a little over $1,200 to help with the campaign and effort.

The next coalition meeting is Tuesday, December 19th at 311 N Ivy Street (Liberty Hall) at 6pm.

It was also reported at the meeting that Wal-Mart is looking to build a store at 82nd and NE Fremont which we will have to get geared up to oppose.