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KBOO Round Up

Listen to the newsmakers from the past week. Speaking to the issues that affect you and your community. We will hear from
Kboo Round Up
Kboo Round Up
Medea Benjamin code Pink and global exchange speaking on US Imperialism www.codepinkportland.org

Justin Akers Chacon Author of no one is illegal: fighting racism & state violence speaking on undocumented citizens, racism and the modern day civil rights movement

Bob Jenks from the Oregon Citizens Utility board talks about Portland General Electrics Enron Style Rate Scam as being business as usual

antonia juhasz journalist speaks on the iraq war in light of Iraq study groups Baker Report www.thebushagenda.net/

Dominick DellaSalla co founder and executive director of the national center for conservation science and policy in ashland speaks on national forest management and the bisquit complex misdirectives

Howcum this is not on Kboos own website? 16.Dec.2006 11:11


Hey KBOO, put this on your website. Why's Jake have to come here to do it?

Thank you for posting this 16.Dec.2006 11:11

Randy Davis

Because of the hours that I work I miss a lot of the good stuff on KBOO. So thank you, please keep it up.