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The misadventures of Chris Kaihatsu

The Machine Danced with Me

Being There

One of our colleagues, Chris Kaihatsu, member of indymedia and one of the few Socialists in the US who are also 9/11 Truth activists, is in trouble. The two published items above are a composition by Chris detailing his recent misadventures in and out of jail, and an article by me examining his case - with a personal plea from me for your support and solidarity with Chris.

Ways You Can Help

Please distribute and re-publish these two articles, "The Machine Danced with Me" and "Being There" as widely as you can.

To donate financial support, or to help co-ordinate for statements of solidarity, or to help with Legal Defence and other legal options, please write directly to:

Every little bit of help will make a big difference!

Thank you very much,
Petros Evdokas
Cyprus IndyMedia volunteer


A work of art by Chris Kaihatsu titled
"Social Reality prototype"

Photoillustrations, Political Diagrams by Chris Kaihatsu
MySpace: www.myspace.com/ckaihatsu


homepage: homepage: http://petros-evdokas.cyprus-org.net/Another-sort-of-Introduction.html