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Warning: You Are About To Enter The 4th Dimension Of Your Life.

This is about the truly astonishing story of a commodity trader of Swiss-Iranian and Baha'i origin (see www.bahai.org) who has sought refuge in the United States since 2000 and who is the object of an incredible conspiracy by the Swiss banks and other very powerful actors against him, in order to destroy him personally and professionally with the objective to prevent his democratic plans for world unity and economic justice from ever materializing. You can now access his new modest homepage at Geocities for more information.
Planet Earth: One Common Destiny?
Planet Earth: One Common Destiny?
(Reported) 6 months of Forex trading with market entries and Margin Call.
(Reported) 6 months of Forex trading with market entries and Margin Call.
Proof of online surveillance, despite up-to-date protection (Microsoft One Care)
Proof of online surveillance, despite up-to-date protection (Microsoft One Care)
Portland, Oregon-- The following exceptional story has some elements of the movies "the Matrix", "Enemy of the State", "Conspiracy Theory", "the Pelican Brief", and "Wall Street".

No, it's not the next Hollywood blockbuster but the real story of a person whose life has been shattered by this Saga for more than 10 years. In fact, this unique story resembles more some chapters of the Apocalypse of St. John than anything else.

This is the unique and true story of an individual who has been targeted in his life, and in recent years in his forex trading activity, by a shadowy world power - the International Bankers - in order to prevent him from ever achieving this historic dream of World Peace and the ushering of this long awaited new era of world unity and reconciliation for all mankind.

The following homepage at:  http://www.geocities.com/sam07012/ references the weblog at the currency company Oanda that contains a chapter in the history of that person, including the statistical evidence and facts reported in real-time of his trades for 6 months, coinciding with the market's continuous opposition: Incredibly, the market at large is mirroring his own trades exactly until his margin calls and reverses each time after that, as if he was personally targeted. So much so, that he has been able to predict the market with certainty according to his own trades but strangely has not been able to make any profits overall in 4 years of daily Forex trading activity.

At first, the reader who is not familiar with the global currency markets, or with the world of finance in general, might find his story a bit far-fetched and abstract, but again the irrefutable statistical and scientific proof has been provided in the open for 6 full months for everyone to see the truth. (See also all of the 9 attached files.)

The first question one might ask in relation to this incredible story is: "Can a single professional Forex trader with far less than one million dollars be targeted individually and constantly for 4 years in the currency markets, since his first day's trade? Also he has shown his undeniable and consistent ability to compound money during a global contest in real-time for one full year thanks to the use of leverage and his knowledge of the financial markets, like for many other successful traders before him; this before starting to trade with his real money."

The following weblog, to be read and researched with an open mind, contains the real-time actions of that single private trader in this 2 trillion dollars per day market, since he has been trading with his own money, reported in near real-time, and who has been able to predict the market flawlessly based on his own trades, because and after he had discovered that he was surveilled and personally targeted each time when he trades.

This Blog is also a brief recollection of the life of this person outside of Forex and the fact that he has been persecuted, before his immigration to the United States in 2000, by the powerful and very secretive international banking establishment in Switzerland and also beyond, including during his work as the Administrator of the ICRC in Geneva.

His story provides the undeniable, material, statistical and scientific proof for six months, continually and in real-time, that the financial markets are and can be constantly manipulated, including its largest market: Forex itself. However, the part in this story that is truly mesmerizing is that it has been done with the sole intention to target one single individual trader for 4 years - namely himself - so he could not reach his democratic plans relating to the establishment of World Peace.