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Call for submissions- writing and art- "Fear of the Green Menace"

(Writing and Art)
December 01, 2006
³Fear of the Green Menace²
Wanted: responses to the ³Green Scare²
Response-based feature magazine article
To be published in The Bear Deluxe Magazine
Issue #24, spring 2007


Eleven environmentalists. Seventeen separate incidents in three states. A
65-count indictment from the FBI and U.S. Attorney General in 2006.

It is simply the largest attempt by government authorities to crack down on
environmentalists who allegedly participate in direct actions against what
they see as an American status quo of ecological degradation and profit.

Today, the American government views segments of the environmental movement
as one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist threats, yet no deaths have
been attributed to any of those whom the justice system has sought or
prosecuted. The amount of damage attributed to these activities in the last
fifteen years is reported to be $110 million, or about what it costs to fund
fifteen hours of war in Iraq.

Penalties for eco-related crimes have become historically high in recent
years‹from 23-year-old Jeffrey Luers receiving 22+ years in prison for
setting three SUV tires on fire in 2001, to potential life sentences for
activists arrested under Patriot Act allowances.

Some environmentalists call recent developments the ³Green Scare,²
referencing government pressure in the 1940s and ¹50s against any and all
things communist, when a culture of fear permeated communities who held
different beliefs from those in power.


The Bear Deluxe Magazine has reserved space in its next issue (spring
2007) for readers¹ responses to the ³Green Scare,² and personal reflections
on the future of environmental activism. Short prose, poems, info graphics,
cartoons and illustrations will be accepted. Ideas are not limited in scope,
degree or geographical representation. Submissions should be EMAILED to
 bear@orlo.org, subject line ³Call and Response.²

Or mail to:
P.O. Box 10342, Portland, Oregon, 97296
Deadline: January 15, 2007


No submission fee.

³Fear of the Green Menace² is the fourth in a series of response-based
features by The Bear Deluxe Magazine. To be added to future calls, email

What will happen to submissions: Representative submissions will be
published in print in issue #24 of The Bear Deluxe Magazine. Depending on
the volume of submissions, a complete listing will be posted on-line at

Word Length: Short prose preferred. 200-word limit. Indicate any special
text formatting.

Submission Deadline: January 10(early submissions accepted)

Publication Dates: March 15 (print), April 15 (web)

Submission Formats: Writing: Send as email text along with attached
Microsoft Word doc for Mac if available. Do not send attachment only. Art:
PDF format highly preferred. Do not send any images over 1 mb. If image is
too large to send high-res, send low-res and be available for other.


What else to include: Full name, contact phone number, city/state/country of
residence; affiliation/personal description/age (optional).

Editing: The Bear Deluxe reserves the right to edit written material for
clarity and length. We will not crop or otherwise manipulate artwork without
the permission of the artist.

Copyright: Upon receipt, The Bear Deluxe will assume one-time publishing
rights as well as rights to include work on our web site for a period of
three months after publication. This usage extends only to writing and art
chosen for print or web publication in issue #24.
Compensation to published work: Publication credit and complimentary issue.

EXAMPLES: Above all, we are looking for specific, personal exchanges or
stories (negative or positive) to the government¹s assertion that
eco-activists pose the greatest domestic terrorism threat. Perhaps you or
someone you know has altered their behavior due to recent pressures of law
enforcement on the environmental movement. Perhaps the ³Green Scare² has
emboldened you to do more to help the planet. Perhaps environmental
activists should all be burned at the stake in your opinion. We want to hear
from you!

www.greenscare.org < http://www.greenscare.org/>
www.cldc.org < http://www.cldc.org/>
www.freefreenow.org < http://www.freefree.org/>

homepage: homepage: http://www.orlo.org