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The Real ID Card

It's coming in 2008!! Complete with RFID tag and biological identifiers, to replace your drivers license. And we will be the complete prisoner/slaves of the corporate/banking fascist system.
What is the progressive community going to do to stop it? We know the Democrats will stand right behind it. But will the progressive community come out in the millions to refuse to get one? Or simply cowtow and let the few who don't follow the rules be ruined?
more info please- 12.Dec.2006 13:05


what law? protest to whom? legal strategies? (against my religious beliefs to give up my bio identifiers to anyone...?) how to disable RFIDs? penalities?

Encouraging news from Britain on this front ... 12.Dec.2006 14:30

Jody Paulson

 link to www.telegraph.co.uk
Millions may resist database, says poll

"The first signs of a significant popular revolt against the Government's identity card scheme have been uncovered by a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph.

It suggests that hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions, would refuse to register on the proposed database that will underpin the scheme, even if this meant a fine or going to jail."

Search Real ID Act on Portland Indy 12.Dec.2006 18:09


Just research Real ID ACt on Portland Indymedia. It will herald the end of freedom as we know it. Plenty of info. Real ID is a prelude to a chip implant. Fulfillment of Biblical prophecy of Revelations: 666 and all that. Thomas Jeffereson believed that Revelations was written by Cerinthus, a Satanist. The Satanists I know of aare into human sacrifice.

That's Britain 12.Dec.2006 21:40

oregon free

And this is the U.S. Also, the identifier will be our drivers licenses! So if you get caught driving a car without a Real ID Card, you will be facing severe charges and likely arrest.

So how many Oregonians will resist and not get a new drivers license in 2008? Or will we all submit to the cattle call?

two birds with one mangled looking stone 13.Dec.2006 07:27

m. l5llllls@hotmail.com

assuming that those most offended by the ID card are the progressives, or people who have an understandable appretiation for the civil liberties,
and they will disseminate our brand new dog collars over a period of time by using the drivers liscence and the laws involved ,
arent the progressives the same green fingered folks who want to curb our gluttonous love affair with fossil fuel?
can we stave off being branded by refusing to drive as well?

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One thing civil-libertarian minded people can do 13.Dec.2006 10:29

Jody Paulson

Follow Wisconsin's lead ... isn't there a way to extend this to ID cards?
 link to www.spychips.com