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merica: Freedom To Fascism

As America: Freedom To Fascism by Aaron Russo premiered across the US in October it drew full houses and standing room only and standing ovations by the crowd.
America: Freedom To Fascism
America: Freedom To Fascism
For the first time a mainstream director took on the IRS and Federal Reserve for the frauds they are.
His research and interviews into the actual LAW and showing the TREASON by both have worked there guile upon American citizens exerting UNCONSTITUTIONAL powers and tribute.
Former IRS director Cohen became so enraged with Russo in his interview exposing the truth he began cursing Russo in Yiddish before it was over.
The movie America Freedom To Fascism is still around check out its site www.freedomtofascism.com for dates and times. It may also be found on DVD @ www.elliscounty911.com It may also be seen on Google Video @  link to video.google.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.elliscounty911.com

we the people 14.Dec.2006 01:12

do you remember

all that happy shit? well "we the people" have been so apathetic for so long in our duties as "we the people" to take an active role in our government that "we the people" are just as much to blame for the corruption in our government as the people actually holding those official seats. shame on every single one of us "we the people"

p.s. sorry folks, but honestly this bullshit has been going on for a helluva lot longer than anyone alive today has been around. its the way of the world. all you can do is keep your eye on it, and duck for cover when you have to. and secondly, if you do have this burning desire to change the world, start with yourselves. that's where it all begins. you know personal responsilbilty, and all that. (i know, it sounds realLy good in black and white, but we all know better than that right?) we are all members of one humanity, and we are all sharing/apart of the same existence.

and as always
good health, and
much love for everyone
(even those motherfuckers that jumped me and my homie the other night and stabbed him up)

RASTA - FAR - I !!!!!!