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Take a stand against proposed big-box development across from Madison HS!

New proposed development in NE Portland has big box written all over it

The Save Madison South Committee has just formed as an opposition response to the proposed 240,000 sq ft big-box store on the land located at NE 82nd and Siskiyou (old driving range and landfill that has a current zoning of 60,000 sq ft - the neighborhood does not oppose development of that size). The proposal is for a REGIONAL auto-centric shopping center that will pull traffic from all across northeast Portland and Vancouver, WA to this already congested location. Word is that the permit application will probably be going into the Portland Planning Bureau in the next 30-45 days.

This proposal will push 900 parking spaces and a retail environment five blocks into a residential neighborhood. Nearby affected public schools include Madison HS (directly across the street), Jason Lee Elementary (on NE 92nd) and Gregory Heights (on NE Siskiyou). The proposed site was a former gravel pit, then a landfill that has a host of environmental issues including methane gas, storm water logistics and possible toxic chemicals. The development will also require construction crews to pile-drive 80-100 feet down to establish the foundation for the store. This concerns neighbors in the immediate vicinity due to probable seismic shaking of their homes.

We are asking you to help fight this effort, as it will impact northeast Portland neighborhoods, their business districts and area livability.

The residents are proud of the fact that they've been turning things around by reducing crime and prostitution that have previously plagued this part of the city.

We are seeking assistance from the community in the area of legal representation, fundraising, environmental experts and land-use experts to combat this effort. The developer, Smart Centres of Vancouver, Canada, proudly states that they have a strong relationship with Wal-Mart on their website (www.smartcentres.com), but as of yet, have not identified their tenant. Regardless of what the tenant is, anything of this size will have a negative impact on traffic, congestion, environmental issues and safety to all of northeast Portland neighborhood and business communities.

If you can offer any form of assistance, we would greatly welcome it. You can be sure that you would be making a difference to Portland's northeast neighborhoods. This kind of auto-centric regional development will truly have a harmful affect on the livability of this area of northeast Portland.

To help out, please contact us ASAP:  savemadisonsouth@yahoo.com or call 503-539-3954. Let's take a stand for Portland's neighborhoods. The time is NOW!

homepage: homepage: http://www.savemadisonsouth.org
phone: phone: 503-539-3954

Not to mention 11.Dec.2006 21:59


Not to mention all the stores up and down Sandy, upper Fremont, 82nd, and the Gateway area (upper Halsey) that would be effected. Keep the Big Boxes out.