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BREAKING NEWS: Dumpster Divers are Needed for EPA Bailout

"...the EPA has already destroyed documents. The Christian Science Monitor reports that "scientific journals worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were thrown in dumpsters in October." An EPA chemist told the Kansas City Star that one library was told to throw away journals. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility uncovered documents ordering one library to recycle materials?"as many as possible." READ THIS STORY
You can see signs of destruction yourself: destruction that began as soon as the thugs of the Bush administration took hold, except now their pace is urgently accelerated. The main - headquarters library of the EPA has been physically dismantled and this is what remains of their website:
The Headquarters Library is now closed to the public and is serving as a repository. To locate EPA library materials, you can search the Online Library System (OLS), EPA Libraries' online catalog. Then, contact your local public, corporate or academic library to have them arrange for an interlibrary loan of EPA's materials.
Scientists across the country are ready to testify that mass quantities of scientific journal, many of them irreplaceable are being thrown in dumpsters. To date, 5 regional EPA libraries have been closed.
The administration is making an ill-supported claim that these are cost saving measures. Short term this will save US$2Million versus the US$8Billion annual budget of the EPA, which is dwarfed by the US$8TRILLION debt that the Bush administration has incurred since January 21, 2001

I was made aware of this massive act of vandalism by an article at Portland Independent Media Center. A complete presentation of the debacle is online at:


on the website of The Union of Concerned Scientists, and several congressmen have demanded that the EPA cease and desist in this unprecedented campaign of vandalism: on par with the destruction of the library at Alexandia or the sack of Rome, if one is to consider the magnitude of data that is being destroyed. The current director, Stephen JOhnson has been unresponsive, even though congress had demanded a report from him by December 4, none seems to be forthcoming and the destruction continues. Please read the evidence at The Union of Concerned Scientists, and heed their call to action. I will update this post as the story continues to break.

David Roknich,


homepage: homepage: http://https://electromagnet.us/dogspot/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=454

Are there any local offices here being closed? 10.Dec.2006 20:02


I wonder if there are offices in the NW that are closing. Anyone know?

Haven't they heard of goodwill? 10.Dec.2006 20:21


At the very least they could have allowed for this stuff to go somewhere else.

the link that says READ THIS STORY is wrong 10.Dec.2006 21:22


sorry. due to a problem with my clipboard, some of my links have been wrong the one that says READ THIS STORY should be the same as the story I'll be updating at
To answer the questions above: they've closed 5 branches already, and their website continues to erode. I have used their technical database online before -
which was outstanding: it's gone. Some libraries have many of the articles in EBSCO database. Salem, OR did, the last time I checked (January 2005).
Believe it or not, amazingly valuable texts appear at Goodwill now and then.
I once found a classic work on computer algorithms at a resale shop worth $100 used - and paid $2 for it. There might be some good diving to be had. get the locations from the UCS website - which is correctly linked above.
Glad I came back to check. There is more to this story. Important stuff at Boxer's website. Tell your congressional representative to at least remind Steve Johnson that Goodwill welcomes his contribution.


Sanitizing the Scene of the Crime 10.Dec.2006 21:58


How much accumulated data on pollution trends--in the air, in the water, on the land--, past violations, "deals" cut is being shredded? How much lab work on the causes and effects associated with man-made compounds gathered since EPA's founding is down the tubes?

The junta closed off public access to the archives of bush the less insane and the Great Charlatan Reagan for eternity. It's now closing the loop for the benefit of its paymasters--the corporations, the bankers, the brokers and leaches, the specultors in war, plunder, destruction and human misery.

Standby for further removal of evidence, pesky facts and data now held in all public agencies with upper management infiltrated by fascists to be performed over the regime's final two years.

One of the last Executive Orders [at about the same time as Enron thugs, Abramov and associated convicted elected officials and AIPAC spies are pardoned and junta insiders--the neocons, Cabinet officers--given specific E.O. immunity forever from war crime charges (well, in the US, anyway)] will be the classifying of massive amounts (if not virtually all) of the White House record of the runt's rule for National Security reasons, in perpetuity.


jail bush

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Socorro Rodriguez, Director

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At least the Nazis made a righteous spectacle of book burning... 11.Dec.2006 17:22

Pravda or Consequences

I think the neocons know very well the Earth is being destroyed. They are just covering their tracks to keep the sheeple from attaching the more obvious signs of ruination to them.

I checked, online library has been sanitized 11.Dec.2006 21:39


I'm familiar with a good number of their documents, and many documents that were easy to read online as html - webpages - are gone.
Someone needs to find the backup of their hard drives!
It seems that they are trying to cover up the loss by claiming that the online chemical reposotory never was as extensive as it was. It was massive.
They are photocopying journals, and converting them to pdfs which load very slowly. This is completely lame.

If you have never seen or used the missing documents, you might be roped in to believe their cover story.

Here's an example of what they had.
Pentachlor is a serious problem becuase of its use in wood preservatives.
As the result of a court case 20 years ago, it was discovered that much of the pentachlor used here had a specific impurity that was a "furan" compound, and
since the technical grade (80% purity) is most often used, the impurities are not fully documented. It turned out that over time, the chemicals would react and result in a mixture that was a much more dangerous neurotoxin than pentachlor itself - intitial symptoms are numbing of the fingers and the peripheral nervous system in general. There was a case online that documented in detail a lawsuit where a worker was heavily exposed at a mill over a period of time and suffered from a brain tumor. The work that was done to prove the nature of the substances involved, and their ultimate result was archived in detail online.

Depression of the thyroid system and lupus and common results of environmental exposure, and these problems are seen with unusual frequency in Oregon.

I know that a search would bring up hundreds of documents back in the year 2000. I remember using the EPA resources again and again to challenge safety claims made by alleged professionals in USENET discussions. I was flamed and threatened, and eventually realized that some of these people were not on line for recreation - they had serious money interests at stake.

When they would insist that any concern was paranoid I would produce documents from the EPA, and then there was howling and gnashing of teeth.

Many many thousands of hours went into the publication of those volumes of html documents. Many of them are just html text, nicely laid out. They were not just pictures of journals. like the typical crap the gov't coughs up when force the declassify.

Very few people are aware of the extent of the damage, and the possible consequences. Those people are the folks at UCS. They are not convinved of the cover story that "no unique documents" will be destroyed. That is bullshit, but what is worse is that easy of access to the data that's left has been greatly impaired. Much of it could be brought up quickly just by choosing the right words for a google search.
What has been done in the past few months is actually much worse than the bookburnings the nazis staged in the 30s.