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More Fun With Vivisectors

Wachovia Securities & OHSU vivisectors visited for the second time in two weeks.
killed by Huntingdon Life Sciences
killed by Huntingdon Life Sciences
Today a number of animal abusers and their financial associates were visited by animal activists that are fed up with the complacency of those involved with the National Primate Research Center and Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The following people were visited and received noisy demonstrations:

Jeffrey Jensen (vivisector researching chemical sterilization by forcibly sterilizing primates) at 1220 Westwood Ct. Portland, OR 97239. (503) 246-8438
Jeff was on-call today, so he wasn't home, but his daughter Amelia answered with their dog. Really, Jeff, how can you justify torturing one animal and then protecting another? Would you test on your dog?

Joseph P. Gross (Wachovia Securities/JPG Wealth Management) at 2440 NW Pinnacle Dr. Portland, OR 97229 (503)-297-8311
Joeseph basically lives on a mountain that used to have beautiful forests on it, but which now was cleared to build up-scale suburban neighborhoods that rich white people can live in to avoid all the poor underlings in the city. We could see Joseph inside but he didn't want to answer the door to the dozen protesters chanting outside. His neighbors also received fliers about how his financial complicity in the torture at Huntingdon.

Mark K. Slifka (vivisector currently doing immunity experiments on elderly primates)
at 3504 NW Banff Dr. Portland, OR 97229 (503) 645-3042
Mark was busy at his daughter's dance reception we were told by the nice guy who answered the door. His neighbors, though, are very confrontational and don't seem to support the first amendment at all. They told us we should be spending our time protesting abortion, though.

Susan Smith (director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center)
at 13400 NW Germantown Rd. Portland, OR 97231 (503) 285-3728
Susan wouldn't come outside, but she was home. She lives in a very secluded upscale neighborhood that apparently has really slow police response time.

Cynthia Bethea at 10367 NW Alpenglow Way Portland, OR 97229 (503) 292-5744
(vivisector, currently working on a tissue bank collecting reproducting, brain and pituitary tissues from live and dead primates as well as forcibly giving hormones to primates to test their seratonin level and ability to handle stress). Cynthia looked particularly distraught today. We're not sure why. It's not as if this is the first time people have held legal protests outside her home. She stood at her window ranting on the phone to the police and sent her children to take pictures of the attendees. Apparently free speech is really upsetting to some people.

The demands of these activists are simple. To the vivisectors of OHSU, you must quit your jobs or be prepared to have frequent demonstrations outside of your houses. We do not want reform. We do not want more animal welfare laws that you can continue to evade. We want a permanent end to the vivisection industry and liberation for the animals that you imprison. Your career is inherently cruel as well as misleading and we will not allow you to carry on without inconvenience. Prepare to deal with this for the rest of your life or find a new career. This movement is bigger than just a few people. It will not end, it will only get stronger.

To Wachovia Securities, once again you are being urged to drop Robert Ingram of GlaxoSmithKline from your board of directors and divest your shares from GSK. You're making money off the torture and murder of animals inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a disgusting company whose existence cannot be justified.

please explain 10.Dec.2006 20:11

animal advocate

Please explain. What relation does GlaxoSmithKline have with Huntingdon Life Sciences? How is Robert Ingram related to GlaxoSmithKline? So let me get this straight, you are protesting people that do business with Wachovia Securities. But Wachovia Securities has nothing to do with HLS except that they have Robert Ingram as one of their board of directors who has ties with GlaxoSmithKline and Wachovia Securities has shares with GlaxoSmithKline....which GlaxoSmithKline does business with HLS? Is this right? I totally support you all letting the vivisectors at OHSU know that their torturing will not go unheard. But I can't quite understand why you all are doing home demos of employers at Wachovia Securities. I don't understand your goal.

huntingdon, glaxo and wachovia 10.Dec.2006 22:14


I really don't think the efficacy or purpose of tertiary targetting should be under question, because it's worked on a number times in the past if you look into it. If you want to know the connection between wachovia and huntingdon it was explained in the post from last week. They invest a ridiculous amount of money in GSK and having their VP on their board of directors is not exactly a minor connection or a coincidence.


Go, Man, Go! 11.Dec.2006 07:59

an admirer

Thank you for your work and energy. It's really cool that this group is completely different than the last group of home demonstrators. The message is that as long as animal cruelty continues, there will always be people who act to expose and discourage the practice.

These look like very focused protests with clear goals.

your assuming 11.Dec.2006 14:51


we live in a democracy that honors life over capital, that treats its land base and food sources with respect and that without pressure, these people will stop... eventually. oh, and money doesnt matter. 500 animals die every day inside HLS, that means today, 500 animals will die to bring us wonderful things like house cleaners, anti depressants, and all sorts of other wonderful chemicals that make our lives, capitalism and democracy so wonderful. glaxo walks away with millions of dollars (along with those that invest in that company), we get sick because animal testing cannot predict results in humans, our water is polluted, and hundreds of animals die. i dont know if you know much about this world but if the people at glaxo find out that their medicines make people sick, or that people are dying, or (i mean really, who cares) animals are dying, as long as their bank accounts are getting larger, then they are content, hell, i would say shit happy. well some animal rights activists have took the time to see how capitalism works. you see in order for gsk to be able to foot the bill to keep their drugs on the market (via animal testing) and still get fat pay checks is to have investors. investors put in money into companys, if the company turns a profit then then the investor walks away with a fat pay check and they are happy. well some investors will back away from companies that deal in death and torture. and some dont. so animal rights activists figure if you apply PERSONAL PRESSURE to those investors that eventualy they back out, hence forth taking their money with them and hitting the murdering bastards where it counts, in the pocket. wachovia takes peoples money and they make themselves more money by putting into the stock market, they invest, thats what they do. they not only invest, but they invest shit loads of money into GSK, which is one of huntingdons largest customers. thats where animal rights activists come in. they first notified wachochvia that the money they invested kills hundreds of animals and supports a company that punches 4 month old beagle puppies in the face and cuts open fully concious primates. not only that, but one of their main directors makes those decisions. they asked them to pull out of gsk and to kick ingram of their board of directors. they didnt, so they began applying personal pressure (via home demos) on folks who make decisions in wachovia because they WILLINGLY invest in death and torture. if wachovia backs out of gsk, they will take alot of money with them, at that point gsk might reconsider their relationship with hls, maybe even back out. if that happened to enough companies, that would take away most of huntingdons profits and they would cease to be able to fund torturing animals and have to persue a different career paths. animal rights activists want animals to stop being killed so others can get rich, they are tired of it. it has to stop. these people are responsible. they are why it continues.

A suggestion 26.Dec.2006 17:08


I agree with all the anti-vivisection stuff. And I think these home demonstrations are a valid way of speaking out, especially since the "researchers" won't have a public debate - BUT, I want to make a suggestion. When the author of this post described the home of Joseph P. Gross, they made a point of saying it was a "white" neighborhood. Can we not make this about race? It really has nothing to do with race. I'm sure many of these "researchers" are anti-war, anti-racism, liberals, even if they want to live in a mansion on a hill. Let's stick to the point. Needless animal cruelty, wasting tax money, etc. There's no need to throw in the fact that he's white. Because most white people don't live in mansions on hills. Thanks.