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Christmas Gift

Consider helping some of the World's most desperate people.
This Christmas we are taking the money we would have spent on each other and sending it to UNRWA - United Nations Relief and Works Agency - to help ease the US - supported misery in the Palestinian Territories. Our tax dollars have created this crisis , and our govts unblinking support of everything Israeli. What is going on in Gaza especially is nothing short of ethnic cleansing. UNRWA is very efficient with the funds they use - even $20 can help a lot of people. We also are doing this as a political statement - that repression and apartheid should not go rewarded as is the case with Israel, which gets free and clear about $15 million per day from us in "loans" ( not one dollar of these "loans" has EVER been repaid )and weapons that it uses in violation of the Arms Export Act to kill and beat down the Palestinians.We need to re-examine our one-sided policy towards Israel and cut off funding to Israel or any other Apartheid state. We need to enforce the Arms Export agreement and make the rules apply to everyone. We need to force Israel to comply with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty which it has refused to sign. Israel's nuclear weapons need to be inspected and put on the table..or lose all American funding and support. According to the NPT , we should be boycotting Israel until they comply. Consider sending ANYTHING ..it will help! The UNRWA website is  http://www.un.org/unrwa/english.html