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Carlyle Group Exposed

Watch this 48-minute video and be outraged (but not surprised) about
government corruption.

"The war in Iraq does not seem to be over al all, but in the meantime the rebuilding has already started. This has unleashed fierce competition for contracts, which are mainly awarded to American (ed: U.S.) companies. What is remarkable about these companies, is that they have people on their payroll from American politics and the military. Is this a conflict of interest, or is this the new global way of doing business? [text in the screen at this time reads: 'the iron triangle'] One of the companies that operates in this manner is the Carlyle Group." On their payroll are people like : George Bush (Sr.), James Baker III and old premier John Major. The Carlyle Group is a private investment bank which doesn't come to the publics attention very often but it is one of the biggest American (ed: USA) investors of the defense industry, telecom, property and financial services. What is the Carlyle Group? Who are the people behind the name? And how much power does Carlyle have?

Much more about the Carlyle Group through  http://tinyurl.com/y354hq