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Hamburger Management

I've run across two websites that expand on the concept of Hamburger Management
With such overwhelming evidence that current, Hamburger Mangement-style approaches are dysfunctional to the point of complete uselessness, you might expect to see a rush towards finding better alternatives. Not a bit of it. Blinded by the imperatives of driving up the share price and meeting continually escalating profit projections (in truth, the same process, linked to massive, short-term rewards for corporate executives), corporations are still clinging to the belief that such "soft" human issues as employee satisfaction count for very little compared with "hard" measures of financial performance.


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Nice to get a mention? 02.Jan.2007 05:52

Carmine Coyote

As the originator of the term "Hamburger Management," and the author of both the articles mentioned (not to mention the actual words used here), some acknowledgement would have been appropriate.