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A word from Josh Harper.

Got this to pass along.
Dear friends,

For those of you don't know me, my name is Josh Harper, and I'm an animal liberationist currently in prison at the Sheridan Federal Detention Center. I am serving a 36 month prison sentence for the horrible crime of organizing legal protests, delivering lectures at colleges, and giving unapologetic vocal support to the illegal tactics of others.

The bureau of prisons has classified my actions as being of the greatest severity on par with the hijacking of planes, exporting of sophisticated weaponry, treason, importing of more than 250 kilos of cocaine, and murder. I am currently kept on 21 hour a day lockdown, and thus far have been denied vegan food. I won't deny that the situation scares and upsets me, but strangely I've been feeling more joy than trepidation.

Emma Goldman once said "Repression is the leavening of revolutionary zeal." Since, the conviction of the SHAC7 I have received letters of outrage from around the world. People who have never before considered the sensitivity and sensibility of animals have joined the cause and gone vegan. And those formerly opposed to militancy have developed sympathy for radical tactics. Everywhere the anger at the violation of our liberty is growing, and I have no doubt that a corresponding rise in activism will occur.

So don't worry too much about me or my co-defendants. Worry instead about bringing freedom to animals. For it is your actions on their behalf that truly sustains us behind bars. Fight with all the ferocity that their lives demand, and victory may yet be ours.

With love and respect, Josh.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joshharper.org

Bless you, Josh 10.Dec.2006 11:59


This is the kind of courage we all need to exhibit now.

This man went to prison just for saying the kinds of things he said right here. Even as he was awaiting his sentence for the crime of speaking out, he never stopped talking. He gave out interviews and made fiery speeches about the need for us all to stand up and DO something. And while other people are cowering in corners over things like chalking sidewalks and putting up flyers, Josh Harper is still speaking out from behind the walls of a prison about liberating animals. He is not afraid to support radical tactics, and we shouldn't be either.

I'm sure the state finds him to be a very dangerous man, because he cannot be intimidated into silence. He has been willing, all along, to speak for the animals, and to accept the risks he knew he was taking. He deserves to know that he is not alone. He deserves to hear that we are out here for him, and that we, too, are not afraid to do what we need to do for the earth, for each other, and for the animals.

Josh 10.Dec.2006 22:05


You are truly a hero and martyr for this cause and to me. You are being used as an example by the government and its absolutely ridiculous that you should be anything other than a free man, able to legally voice your opinions and support the cause that we know is right. Keep up the good fight.