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David Lynch / James Brolin Latest 911 Truth Statements

James Brolin, Streisand's husband and actor and famed director David Lynch have come out of the closet on 911 as Alex Jones' influence in film community spreads like a storm. TV show with statements preempted in midwest and east but airs in the west.
Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11
Follows in footsteps of David Lynch on same day

Prison Planet | December 6, 2006
Paul Joseph Watson

Actor James Brolin, the husband of Barbara Streisand, has today become the latest celebrity figure to publicly question the official story behind 9/11, after he encouraged viewers of a top rated ABC talk show to check out a 9/11 truth website.

Brolin appeared as a guest on The View Wednesday morning and according to e mails we have been receiving in numbers, towards the end of the show the actor questioned 9/11 and urged the audience to check out the website 911weknow.com , which is a website that purports to expose how the twin towers and Building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, were brought down via controlled demolition.

We have received multiple reports that The View, which airs live from the West Coast in Pacific and Mountain time zones, was pre-empted by breaking news of the study group on Iraq in Eastern and Central time zones.

Brolin's lengthy cinema and TV history includes major roles in The West Wing with Martin Sheen, The Amytiville Horror, Capricorn One, and the upcoming Rambo movie.

He today joins film director and cult icon David Lynch in going public with his doubts about the official story behind 9/11. Lynch told Dutch television he thought WTC Building 7 was brought down via controlled demolition and that the Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash sites were suspicious due to the absence of evidence that a plane crashed at either location.

Lynch and Brolin follow in the footsteps of other notable cultural figures who have spoken out on 9/11, such as Richard Linklater, Jesse Ventura, Matthew Bellemy, Ed Asner and Charlie Sheen.

Sheen was the first high profile celebrity to put his reputation on the line in the name of 9/11 truth and his courage should be saluted in opening the door for present and future individuals to follow his example.

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