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250.000$ bails asked for Oaxaca prisoners

New cases of violences and tortures reported in Oaxaca

4 million pesos asked for to prisoners sent at Nayarit
The PFP, Preventive Federal Police, has mutilated 2 fingers of a teacher at the UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University), 4th of December 20006.

Bails up to 4 millions pesos have been asked for by three penal judges at the prison of San José del Rincon at Tepic city in Nayarit area, to 141 citizens of Oaxaca, 35 women and 106 men, accused of sedition, criminal conspiracy, starting fires, resistance among other motives and charges said yesterday Carlos Andrés del Campo Ortega, representative of the Mexican Human Rights League (Limeddh).

From his point of view, Cuauhtémoc Mendoza Ramirez, living in Oaxaca District, has denounced that his sister Blanca, aged 53, has two finger of her left hand cut by members of the PFP (Preventive Federal Police) during the attack by the police of the temple of Santo Domingo last 25th of November in the historical center of Oaxaca.

She said that in the midst of tear gas, knocks and blows, pursuits, she doesn't know exactly when she lost her fingers, explained her brother during a phone call from the city of Tepic and adds that it is because of this that she hasn't been tortured at the Miahuatlan prison.

Blanca Mendoza Ramirez is a teacher at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University) as she was doing some fieldwork about the movement asking for the resignation of the state governor, Ulises Ruiz. She is not a member of the APPO ( Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca) underlined his brother.

The imprisonment of Oaxaca detainees in the prison El Rincon created a real disorder inside the jail itself and outside in the center of the city of Tepic troubling the local busyness by the demonstrations of solidarity of the families and friends of the 141 incarcerated.

In contradiction of rumors asserting that the prisoners had been given back to the Oaxaca prison of Miahuatlan and Tlacolula, the 3 penal magistrates have charged the formally prisoners of starting fires, causing damages on the Superior Tribunal of Justice of Oaxaca and on a long list of hotels, motels and craft shops belonging to the mexican employers' organization and the bus company Del Oriente.

The arrests of imprisonment have been delivered against those accused of sedition, criminal conspiracy and resistance against the oaxacian society in the abstract. The bails go from 4 million pesos for the highest down, explained Del Campo Ortega, human rights Limeddh activist assuming the defense and assistance of the families of the political prisoners at Tepic city. These families and supports have stayed since Friday on an improvised camp facing the governor's palace, Ney Gonzalez, member of the PRI (Party of Institutionnal Revolution) that ruled Mexico for decades of corruption and crimes.

The same day in the morning, the representative of the PRD (Party of Democratic Revolution) accused of winning the election due to electoral fraud to gain the governor seat echoed the complaints of shopkeepers and busyness managers frightened that the presence of the detainees from Oaxaca in the Nayarit district could scare and discourage investors and endanger the local economy.

He accused former president Fox of « lack of respect for Nayarit because sending prisoners to this district without having asking them their agreement and as far as they don't cause any problem to the Federal State then the Federal State shouldn't cause any problem to them ».

After having embodied the local merchants protests the governor assured the families of his good will and promised to help all types of facilities and effectively he didn't prevent them from settling the camp in front of his palace but unhaphazardly and quite magically appeared a sort of state fair or fun fair opportunely hiding the camp, said Carlos Andrés del Campo enhancing the importance to go on inviting human rights organizations from all over the world to support and come and see by themselves and help free the political prisoners of Tepic, he gives an electronically address :  amadhmexico@hotmail.com for anyone that would desire or need more information about this topic.

Par Jaime Aviles
La Jornada
Translated quickly but approximately by amilcar.