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Meet the New Boss

It is easy to like Hugo Chavez from afar.
It's easy to like Hugo Chavez (the Noam Chomsky
quoting, calling G. Dub the devil, Presidente of Venezuela) - from a

It's much more difficult to like him up close, where
he lives, where he is creating his reality of neighborhood snitches,
political goon squads, shrill Marxist-Lenist dogma, the Chavez cult
of personality, impending totalitarianism.

Venezuela has a brutal legacy of colonialism, slavery, capitalism,
capitalism on steroids. There is much about Chavez that is about
chickens coming to roost, about the United States and the corporate
culture of greed making its bed, and now having to lay in it.

But the last message of Marxist/Leninist/Castroism, Chavez's message
is to go with the historic resentment. The message is to hate, be
angry, be resentful, see the world in terms of class, class enemies.
The message is to go to the murderous place where resentment and
anger will always go.

Chavez in working the historic resentment will take Venezuela to even
more greedy, more brutal places.

Nations and peoples deserve the governments they get. A majority of
Venezuelans know that Chavez is a fucking lunatic. They vote for him
anyways, just as the Germans knew that Hitler was a
fucking lunatic and voted for him anyways.

Soon Casto will die. Chavez will take up the bloody
sceptre of the failed, murderous orthodox dogma of
Marxist/Lenist/Castroism. He will go where all his predecessors went.
He will go to the bloodbaths that stained the 20th Century and will
surely stain the 21st.

And there will come a day when leftists will regret their support of
Chavez just as the leftists of the 1930's regreted their support of

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yawn 09.Dec.2006 23:27


Thanks for the O'Reilly-like polemic. Now can you provide an example of how and/or why Castro is so despised by his own people? You make the populace look like a bunch of unthinking nutjobs who vote for people for the hell of it, "like" the German voters in the 30's. That's unfair I think. I don't claim to know much about Chavez, but I can easily say that your rant didn't convince me one way or the other.

yes, please 10.Dec.2006 09:33


Some examples, evidence?

typo 10.Dec.2006 14:38


when I said "Castro" in my first reply, I meant to say Chavez

castro... 10.Dec.2006 22:22


Well... I've never been to Venezuela, but Castro is so very hated by his people that he can appear in public without screening every single inhabitant for miles around. Compare and contrast to the "leader" of the United States.

Castro has such a "bloody sceptre of the failed, murderous orthodox dogma of Marxist/Lenist/Castroism" that Cuba has persisted in spite of US efforts, and has grown quite a bit more self-sufficient since the immoral US blockades were imposed. Cuba sends doctors all over the place, and does not invade other nations and precipitate the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the world. Compare that to the United States. Let's face it, the US is guilty of a failed, murderous, orthodox dogma, though it is more Stalinist than Communist.

So, the author of this posting has lumped Chavez into the same category as Castro. Could that not, in light of the cold hard facts, be seen as a compliment?

Regarding Chavez: "He will go where all his predecessors went. He will go to the bloodbaths that stained the 20th Century and will surely stain the 21st." Interesting. I know an educated middle-class guy from Venezuela and he doesn't think Chavez is looney at all. Let's see. Chavez is directing income from the oil found under VENEZUELAN SOIL and spending it on the people of VENEZUELA and other countries--instead of letting a few rich white males run away with the profits. How crazy! How violent! Why, he's so violent I'll bet he's invaded other countries. No? Not like the US? Hmmm... well... I'll bet he's suspended Habeas Corpus, then. No? Not like the US? Well... uh... at least I'll bet he's proposed training a million people across the country to report anything at all suspicious when they're out delivering mail, or reading the gas meter. No? Not like the US? Well! Just trust me. He's just plain evil! He subverts democracy! What? You mean the Republicans actually cheat at the polls in America, but the Carter Foundation has certified Venezuelan elections as being clean? Well... well... Chavez sucks!

Alllllrighty then. Put up the supporting facts, or be gone.

Fascist not Stalinist 10.Dec.2006 22:27


Meant to say that the US is fascist (a la Mussolini) rather than Stalinist.