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Neo-Cons in Disarray

Washington today is characterised by neo-cons running for cover as reality presses in on their delusional world. It's every psychopath and criminal for him/herself as uncertainty grips the culpable. Neo-cons and their support networks are abandoning the new American century (delusion) for the hard reality of rapid American decline and the very real prospect of facing war crimes tribunals. The recent utterings of arch-neocon, Richard Perle, attempting to lay blame on the imbecile, Bush, reveals panic at the highest levels; but it's far too late to evade responsibility, the world is very familiar with the criminal perpetrators of the whole neo-con fiasco.
No amount of apologising from the Bush administration will resurrect one of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi DEAD - the culpable must now pay for their crimes. Wolfowitz and Perle's Trotskyist dream of perpetual war and the dominance of American militarism has encountered the real world of tenacious resistance - people defending their traditional lands and homes rarely submit. A rabble of badly trained and ill-equipped fighters is defeating the world's largest super power. The whole world has learnt that America is incapable of successfully waging a sustained guerilla campaign. The nation's military strategists have mistakenly concentrated on state conflict at the expense of post-modern warfare. Failure to address all aspects of modern warfare (including occupation) is proving to be extremely costly for the bereft American administration.

Sanity is once again slowly asserting itself in Washington. The Bush dynasty is in death throws and signals the demise of other cabals, cliques and milieux that imagine they control the fate of the world.

The people have a perfect opportunity to insist on implementations that would allow for intervention in the event that any future government turns rogue. Failure to demand sweeping social reforms would allow power to move (East) into the hands of Asian elites. It is critical that the people demand justice and demonstrate to their Asian brothers and sisters that minority rule is untenable in today's world.

It would be extremely difficult for the leaders of the coalition to survive a war crimes tribunal given the many lies they foisted on a 'terrorist' primed public. No manoeuvre or avoidance tactic exists that could spare them in a court of Law. The only hope for these felons would be a complacent, apathetic public that defers to denial rather than justice.

It is astounding that advisers to conservative leaders continue to cling to tired and failed strategies of social manipulation. Today's Australian headlines carried an (old) alarmist story of fluid restrictions on international flights - if terrorist threats were anywhere near the level that lying conservatives would have us believe then why haven't any attempts been made on the lives of Howard, Blair or Bush? It should not be forgotten that assassination is regarded as a relatively simple and accessible political option. The existence of expert Muslim snipers is an established fact, assassinating one of these puppet leaders presents little challenge for even an amateur assassin.

The whole notion of a group of Arab criminals numbering less than the American Mafia presenting a real threat to the secular democracies of the world is ridiculous. The easiest targets of greatest political value for the 'terrorists' are the three leaders of the coalition of willing invaders; with the possible exception of the much hated Bush, the two Prime Ministers, particularly Howard, have remarkably little security considering their daily habits and routines. If the threat of terrorism was anywhere near the level claimed by these three known liars, they would have already been assassinated!

We can expect many more desperate manoeuvres and a barrage of distracting tactics from the coalition of willing criminals; I am sure that no effort will be spared to save their miserable hides from the courts.


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