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Look up!

Over the past few generations we've grown increasingly disconnected from not only the Earth, but the sky. Isn't it time we started paying more attention to that which connects us all?
As I walked to the store one morning I checked in on the sky (I've been very sensitive to the condition of the heavens since I was alerted to the existence of chemtrails [  http://carnicom.com ] a few years ago). It was more overcast than it has been of late, but in the distance I saw the weirdest sort of cloud. It was kind of eliptical in shape, and it had a strange, marble-ized kind of swirl. It seemed so amazing and science-fictiony I felt I just had to comment on it to the next passer-by. I think he agreed with me that it was interesting (I hope he wasn't just humoring me) and went on his way. But at least I got him to look. So many people just don't look at the sky anymore. Why is that? I wondered, and it set me to thinking. This is actually a very deep topic.

There's a reason employers tell their employees to "keep their nose to the grindstone." When we "keep our head down" we're focused only on the small "cog in the machine" task before us. We don't question the big picture as to what in fact this big machine actually does -- we just do the task and stop paying attention to everything else. This mentality cuts us off from any knowledge of what others are doing in this big machine, how they are fairing, and who, ultimately they are serving. When we look no farther than ourselves, our possesions, and our immediate interests, we can't see where we're going and we're so much easier to control!

When we look up, however, we see all we have in common. We are covered by the same sky and warmed by the same sun. We can see there's something beyond the machine, and we can go there if we want. Looking down divides us. Looking up unites us.

Try this experiment. Start paying more attention to the sky. Notice any connection there may be between what's going on with it to what's going on with you. You may find the sky responds to your own intentions of love.