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PRESS RELEASE: Cynthia McKinney Press Conference To Come?



Cynthia McKinney, official Congresswoman of Georgia retires after sending an impeachment bill against President George W. Bush to the House Floor this Friday.

Subjects to be discussed are according to our sources, Election Fraud, Impeachment, Mark Foley, Jeff Fisher and word has it an expose on the Administration.


Cynthia McKinney, official Congresswoman of Georgia retires after sending an impeachment bill against President George W. Bush to the House Floor this Friday.

Subjects to be discussed are according to our sources, Election Fraud, Impeachment, Mark Foley, Jeff Fisher and word has it an expose on the Administration.

Is there something happening soon? It sure seems to be the case, follow us all through-out the week and be sure to check in for our updates!

"Geoff Staples said...


I can confirm. I just got off the phone with Tony, our station affiliate manager and Cynthia McKinney indeed is holding a press conference today.

Nobody has any idea what its about, but the whole entire thing is a go!

They say the conference is going to mention election fraud from several years, specifically the 2006 which McKinney lost.

Did you hear that too Special Prosecutor Biloxi?

That election fraud took place in McKinney's race isn't a question, the question is who done it?

The latest confirms that election fraud will be a topic, Jeff Fisher, Mark Foley, and several other issues will be discussed.

Matt nearly almost always hits his mark, and he is who talked to Tony about it.

I've got to make sure our people are there to get this on tape! "  http://patrickjfitzgerald.blogspot.com/2006/12/time-for-recess.html#comments

What exactly prompted all of this? Beats me!

But it has something to do with Mark Foley, Drug Free America and the Congressional page scandal!


They got loads more about it, including this letter our editors received.

"Dear Reverend Sharpton,

My code name is Seymour J Hersh. My research team and I work in McLean, Virginia. Our job is Internet political research.

We do this work on contract for different intelligence agencies. Naval Intelligence out of Marina Del Ray, California, which monitors us like everyone else on the Internet are located at 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330. The postal code is 90292-6695.

The NIA uses several DNS addresses but the common denominators are that they list themselves as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

We all of course use an alias to protect our families and ourselves. It's very dangerous and quite interesting also.

We like them have the ability to cloak our IP addresses and to even make it appear to come from someone else's computer. That is an easy procedure to accomplish since the Clinton Administration used this knowledge to infiltrate the activities of Slobadan Milošević (Слободан Милошевић) regarding the genocide that led to the Kosovo War in 1999. You of course know this since you ran for the U.S. Presidency in 2004. It was part of your briefing by the Secret Service.

We get to travel a lot because of Mr. Jeff Fisher, our assignment, for he moves all over the United States to escape the Mossad that has a contract on him. That contract which has a price of $25,000,000 was placed by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee on December 8, 2004 which has kept this man running and in turn having justice delayed on the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Recently the AIPAC has been going into full denial of this publicly. It's very much out of character for the second largest lobbying group in the United States to do this unless as our psychological researchers have figured out that AIPAC is involved in the Election Fraud.

Recently the Special Counsel regarding Jeff Fisher's evidence on election fraud has finally been approved. We were informed that there was information on him in sites dedicated to you. We discovered that was true. There is even a blog site up online for Mr. Fisher that is closely watched by the Special Counsel and the Central Intelligence Agency due to the evidence, which is being made public at this time. That can be reached at  http://www.NoMoreFraud.blogspot.com

Our teams of researchers are now trying to piece your involvement with our information. This is so we may come to a better understanding of why Mr. Fisher released classified information on a standing (unrecorded) order by the CIA regarding that no African American can ever reach the elected position of the Executive Branch.

We all know that George W. Bush first had chosen Colin Powell to be his Vice Presidential running mate but that his father, George H. Bush informed him of the unwritten order that he maintained when he was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

We have questions that we would like to have answered from you too.

We are writing this open letter on the Internet because this type of conspiracy must be exposed not through standard channels. The media is part of the conspiracy and the Internet is mainly still an open channel to get the facts out to other intelligence agents and to several thousand proud patriots in our nation and throughout Europe, Asia, Africa (including the Middle East) and Australia.

This is proof that the media is covering up the conspiracy.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sharpton2004/message/43?l=1

The internal url is of a screenshot of an audit log from Florida's 2004 election showing a very strange wave pattern that matches programming done by Dr. Piotr Blass, Sean S. Lennon, Mike Razar and Clint Curtis. That url is  http://tinyurl.com/mb3a6


There are many more being investigated by the team Mr. Fisher assembled and from another unit that started this research prior to Mr. Fisher arriving on the scene. These teams are working in a cohesive manner unlike Bev Harris from Black Box Voting whom continues to dismiss Mr. Fisher's hard evidence and Mr. Fisher being an eyewitness to all of this.

Mr. Fisher is not after the limelight like Bev Harris who has video cameras follow her every step including when she raids meetings that election official are at. Then to top that off she attempts to sell these tapes to give her added income.

Mr. Fisher has done just the opposite and it has harmed his health considerable but he kept his integrity intact. That is admirable and very rare in today's society. Her actions are the characteristics of a wannabe.

This is a link that Al Rogers plays the role of being two posters and trying to promote BradBlog.com  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sharpton2004/message/49?l=1

Brad Friedman and Bev Harris have done everything possible to discredit Jeff Fisher. Mr. Fisher has spoken with Mr. Friedman on the phone this year and Mr. Friedman will not let Mr. Fisher even post his proof on his website. He has filtered out his name. There are screenshots of posts recently done on Bradblog to prove of this censorship of continuing the coverup of the election/neoncon/zionist conspiracy.

Rev. Sharpton, Mr. Rogers posted under the name of Jim Ford names and phone numbers of people that are in the Witness Protection Act and the list of protected ones that Jeff Fisher sent to Jazmine for you to keep secured.

I will send that to later if you want to see that proof.

Please sir, help Mr. Fisher. You both have been stabbed in Brooklyn. Just like you he fights for truth, equality and justice for all Americans, especially African Americans, this man received a personal blessing from Martin Luther King Jr in 1966. He was only five years old.

First question: Do you know Jeff Fisher?
Second Question: Do you or your staff receive any phone calls/emails from Jeff Fisher?
Third Question: Who on your campaign staff knows Jeff Fisher?
Fourth question: Was Jeff Fisher present at a luncheon with you in Beverly Hills in May of 2005?
Fifth question: Did Jeff Fisher ever try to visit you in your condo in Manhattan?
Sixth question: Does Jeff Fisher know your neighbor who has an interesting relationship with organized crime?

Your neighbour and his co-workers are not under investigation due to Mr. Fisher placing a formal request to the Department of Justice to leave them alone.

That request is being honoured because of Mr. Fisher's "Intel" work that he was forced, (medically tortured) to do from 1983 to 1986 for the CIA and MI6 (SIS) under the protection of "The Official Secrets Act" Mr. Fisher was adamant about this and told the Department of Justice to investigate the real criminals who are dealing in Drugs, Slavery, Child Pornography and their direct connection to election fraud. That of course is the Florida sector of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Division Five.

That division is one of the main reasons that the RICCO Laws were enacted. To have organized crime figures imprisoned along with their attorneys so the US Government could go into business instead to ensure that Zionism (not Judaism) would continue in the United States, Israel and throughout the free world.

Mr. Fisher is always saying, "Respect Received is Respect Earned". We all agree with him on that. His past has been verified to be clean of any wrong doings. He just has connections and friendships with members of the Genovese Family from Appalachian, New York and Providence, Rhode Island and to important people in Sicily. He also has friends in Philadelphia, Miami, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo that have all told us that he is an honest, reliable, law abiding and god fearing man that they respect always.

To educate the world about the MAFIA, one should read what Mr. Fisher had written back in high school about the true history of the Sicilian families that started the mafia in the late 13th century. Write to me and I will send you his excellent, short, concise and truthful statements about the Sicilian mafia. This writing explains the character of this brave patriot and why the real mafia (our governments) is in fear of him. They don't want the citizens to know the truth.

Mr. Fisher is always about the truth. That is what a messenger of god's words are all about. Don't you agree Reverend Sharpton? That is what we as Christians are supposed to do in our daily lives and not just on Sunday, are we in agreement with that too Reverend Sharpton?

The letters we found posted on the Internet are very positive regarding you and Congressman Patrick Kennedy. What is so interesting is that Mr. Fisher recently tried to make contact with Robert Kennedy regarding the elections and Mr. Kennedy's Florida staffers, led by Farron Cousins will not relay that important information to Robert Kennedy.

Mr. Fisher has recently been published in several INDY MEDIA websites regarding reaching Robert Kennedy. I am enclosing these links for you along with the links to the  alsharpton2004@yahoogroups.com web group.


So our next question is this. Why would Robert Kennedy's staff ignore Jeff Fisher since he has evidence and a deep appreciation of you and Congressman Patrick Kennedy?

Just yesterday we were monitoring his phone calls from a law office in Los Angeles and learned that he, along with one of the protected ones that you know about was threatened (death) by attorney Bruce Cutler at Bobby Van's Steakhouse at 230 Park Avenue and 46th Street at approximately 8:30 P.M. on January 31, 2005.

Mr. Fisher was demanding that Bruce Cutler protect his client properly instead of just taking his money, calling his client a weasel to the consigliore of the mob and basking in the limelight along with a statement from Mr. Cutler admitting freely that his mentor, Bobby Simone, he didn't give a rat #*#& about and that he could rot in hell for all he cared.

Mr. Cutler is now under investigation by the Department of Justice for this also. His client, Phil Spector we believe is innocent and that his other attorney, Roger Rosen should be in charge of this case. Mr. Fisher was in contact with a private investigator by the name of Dale Kelly telling him all about the threat on his life and Phil's ex fiancée for knowing too much. Mr. Fisher defended Mr. Spector because he believes in his innocence like he has proven in the past on so many other issues. Mr. Kelly can be contacted at 626-799-1607 for verification of this phone call.

Robert Shapiro should be notified of this also for Mr. Spector needs his help again very much. Mr. Cutler is what they call a wannabe. The only reason he is famous is because his mentor, Robert F.Simone made him shine in the courtroom by giving him cue cards when it was necessary.


Robert F.Simone , along with Robert Shapiro, Willie Brown and Roger Rosen are the best criminal attorneys to have Phil Spector remain free and proven of his innocence.

To prove beyond a doubt of Mr. Fisher's loyalty toward someone's life he has also reported to the Department of Justice that Robert Trent Jones Jr has threatened to hire Mexican hit men to kill this woman and Mr. Jones's ex-mistress Mary Anne if he is sued for non payment for professional services.

The services related to Mary Ann are in regards to Bob Jones's horrible poetry.

In regards to the other woman's participation it's a breach of contract regarding golf course resorts in North and South Korea plus China due to her efforts in opening up business trade in these countries. This amounts to at least 10 million dollars he owes her.

Mr. Fisher has stated for the record he wants nothing of this. All he wants is for justice to be served and that these individuals not be cheated out of earned income.

We have been going over these postings and noted some errors that with our researchers discovered what they also were all about. I will show here the partial statements and then what we found out to explain it

I am also including the link for you to see each entire message.

The last link is from Peter Joyce and this is the man that was killed in a terrorist bombing in Egypt recently. The British, United States and Israel tried to say Hamas or Al Queda did it. It wasn't, it was done by the Mossad due to several pieces of information that Peter had on election fraud and also on the two missing books of the New Testament that he had translated from an ancient form of Aramaic.

This is from the real Jim Ford also. Not Al Rogers.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sharpton2004/message/47?l=1

"expose any of the twenty people they want to harm or terminate" We learned recently it was twenty-two names. This statement of twenty was a protective move to keep Mr. Fisher alive. He had received this advise from an operative out of Scotland Yard.

Do you know who they might be?

The message to the Reverend Al Sharpton that I am supposed to relay is that Jeff will keep last May's promise of taking care of his "Don King"

What is that all about Reverend Sharpton? Is that the luncheon?

This will be accomplished by getting President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney to step down from office with grace and dignity for the preservation of the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution. Jeff said, "The Rev will understand"

This is an interesting statement. What does "Don King" have to do with the resignation of President Bush and Vice President Cheney and again what does this mean "The Rev will understand"?

The following links are letters written by the real Jim Ford.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sharpton2004/message/47?l=1

This one is to the President of Florida's National Organization of Women

The name of Jim Ford is only an alias being used by an agent assigned to Jeff Fisher since 2003 from Interpol. The photo of him in his profile is an investor from Wall Street whose name is Jim Ford.

What is also interesting is that we discovered that this name appears also in postings by another individual that is being investigated by the Department of Justice for several things, including being suspected of identity theft. That individual is Albert Rogers.

Albert Rogers was in Jeff Fisher's Congressional campaign staff and is very clever in obtaining information and releasing it throughout the Internet. This man is a NEOCON/ZIONIST.

He has alienated so many people on the Internet that they are causing more harm than good to expose this conspiracy.

Mr. Rogers spreads truth and lies at times and that can be a problem to individuals that are not aware of this evil tactic. Mr. Fisher is a very good man who just was to trusting of this Al Rogers. He knows better now but it now requires our help to clear this up.

Mr. Rogers intentionally misspells certain words and uses bad grammar text. This is done for the sole purpose of creating an aire of discreditable behavior about Mr. Jeffrey Fisher so no one will believe the real truth that he is the witness too.

This Al Rogers uses tactics of propaganda that Hitler used in the early thirties. Conquer and Divide. Very Karl Rove like indeed.


Al Rogers uses several aliases on the Internet. He takes names that other people have created and uses them to spread his filth and lies. The wording is very subtle but effective. This is the link for the following statements.
Its nice to know that some democrats is fighting to stop the Iraq War. What is interesting is that the federal government wants this person for knowing too much about the 2000 election.
This should be written instead according to our psychological research team as the following. It's nice to know that some democrats are fighting to stop the Iraq War. What is interesting is that the federal government wants to stop Jeff Fisher for revealing too much about the 2000 election.
Our research has revealed that Mr. Fisher has friends with close contacts with the Gore family. Al Gore's late mother's personal doctor, Dr. Rick Margolis. Our research has revealed that Mrs. Gore's doctor took him care of last year in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

This again was an attempt to discredit Mr. Fisher by changing the name of the doctor. The doctor's name is Richard Margolin.

We believe you have met the doctor with his ex-girlfriend that Mr. Fisher ended up protecting whom we know he fell in love with too. That Reverend must have made it much harder on this man to protect this person and the others on the protected list and yet he managed to come up with a feasible plan to expose this conspiracy. Do you agree on that Reverend Sharpton?


You can learn more about Mr. Fisher by typing in the words "Jeff Fisher news" on google, or any search engine and see all the raw evidence that has been uncovered.

Seymour J. Hersh ( seymourjhersh@gmail.com) "


As usual, we'll keep you updated as often we can!!

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