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Saturday: Liberating Dissent - Portland anti-Green Scare Benefit and Event

Liberating Dissent Sat Dec 9th
at Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy Portland OR) 6-11pm
$7-100 suggested donation to benifit noncooperating green scare defendents and grand jury resistance

Jeff Hogg (Grand Jury Resister)
Paul Loney (Jeff Hoggs Attorney)

Rag and Bone Men
Shickey Gnarowitz
Drunken Boat
Nux Vomica
In accord with the international day of solidarity with Green Scare Indictees, Detainees and Political Prisoners, friends of Green Scare defendants present,

Liberating Dissent: Refusing to be Silenced
A benefit for Green Scare defendants and Grand Jury Resistance
When? Saturday Dec 9th, 6-11pm
Where? Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy Portland OR
How Much? $7-$100 suggested donation to benefit non-cooperating "Green Scare" defendants and grand jury resistance

Jeff Hogg - Grand jury resister imprisoned from May to November of 2006 for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury related to the green scare.
Paul Loney - Attorney to grand jury resister Jeff Hogg
Updates and information on the Green Scare, the Shac 7 and grand jury resistance

Music by:
The Rag and Bone Men - oldtimey dance tunes from the middle ages
Shickey Gnarowitz - Discordant dancy three piece klezmer
Tandemnation - melodic, screamy queer-core
Drunken Boat - raw energetic pop punk
Nux Vomica - energetic fusion of metal/punk/crust

Bring $$ for vegan tamales and snacks

The "Green Scare" refers to the federal government's expanding prosecution efforts against animal liberation and ecological activists, which is strikingly similar to the "Red Scare" of the 1950s. The "Green Scare" includes the cases from the "Operation Backfire" indictments, and the cases of the SHAC7 (shac7.com), Eric McDavid (supporteric.org), Rod Coronado (supportrod.org), Jeff Hogg, Josh Wolf and several recent federal grand jury subpoenas.

For More Information on the Green Scare:
www.greenscare.org www.fbiwitchhunt.com www.cldc.org