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google and yahoo are controlled by the fbi and the cia

Both google and yahoo now show signs (as some Indymedia groups around the world) of being controlled by the fbi, cia and other intelligence agencies. Perhaps the fear fbi/cia thugs or the financial payoff (of cooperating with homicidal fools) overweighs the moral considerations in the world's most popular search engines, but the global population must now suspect these two groups of joining in the global fascist conspiracy with the assassins of the fbi and cia.
As of December 7, 2006, Sosbee notices that the fbi and the cia have apparently corrupted the search engines, particularly **Google and ***Yahoo. One piece of evidence of this undue influence on global search engines is seen in the failure of these two pretentious groups to consistently cover the fbi history book data described below. Yahoo has no coverage of the book, while Google shows sporadic and limited interest in the history book. As the people of the world discover that search engines have selectively abandoned their duties to provide fair and objective ****coverage of worthy information (especially from fbi and cia whistleblowers regarding fbi and cia crimes against Humanity ) these high flying wall street money makers must lose their clout as former leaders in the information technology sector. A summary of the fbi history book:

From Brownsville, Texas
December 4, 2006
The following data attempts to summarize the fbi history book wherein Geral Sosbee is featured on page 211:

"See the fbi history book, Society Of Former Special Agents Of The Federal Bureau of Investigation" . Published 1996 by Turner Publishing Company, 412 Broadway, P.O. Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42001-0121.
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 95-60549
ISBN: 1-56311-205-1


The FBI History Book contains an historical view of the FBI from its inception to the date of the publication of the book; the front cover shows the seal (with a badge) in gold of the Society Of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the inside cover shows another full page picture of the badge; page one of the book shows a full page picture of the same seal, as does page 2, with the added information of the title and the publisher; the back side of page 2 of the book shows the image of Hoover and his years of life; page 3 shows a full page, color photo of Hoover and page 4 shows more information about the publisher and a photo of the FBI building (stretching across pages 4 and 5); page four also shows the following additional data:
Historical Committee: George C. Moore, Donald E. Walker,
Fern C. Stukenbroeker;

Page 5 of the book also displays the table of contents, and page 6 has a forward by Dean Elson, wherein he explains the historical context of the book.
Then, on page 7, the publisher's president, Mr. Dave Turner, elaborates on the historical basis and significance of the book with repeated use of the word, 'history'.
Pages 8 and 9 show a photo of the historic year (1937) when the Society was founded; then, also on page 9, the seal of the Society appears as do the following words in large, bold print :


The introduction to the FBI History Book (referenced on www.sosbeevfbi.com) contains on page 10 a full page, color seal that reads as follows:


The next page (p. 11)commences with the words:

H i s t o r y o f t h e FBI

Finally, from pages 35 to 69, the former special agents' stories are presented and then from page 71 to page 234 the book contains the individual biographies. The complete history of the fbi can only be understood by a careful study of the material not contained in the history book, as the life of Geral Sosbee ( as partially summarized in his website and at
 http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/index.html )
proves. For more see:
The following pages of Sosbee's website at www.sosbeevfbi.com contain legitimate references to the history book (as shown below) and all data in the history book (referred to below as 'book') have been confirmed and approved by the FBI and by the other agencies of the United States Government (i.e.: the Department of the Army); the first link below is to the Hoover appointment letter to Sosbee; the fifth link is to the message to Sosbee from Director Kelley:

See photo of J. Edgar Hoover- in book, page 3

referenced in book, page 211

 http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/letterjan18.html referenced in book, page 211

 http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/lettersept12.html referenced in book ,page 211

 http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/photoofdirectork.html photo of Director in book, page 254
For information regarding former fbi chief *William Webster, see the article at this site dated September 20, 2004. Note that Webster assisted the fbi assassins in 1978 in their efforts to neutralize Agent Sosbee. Webster is mentioned in the history book.

* For a photo of Mr. Webster see the actual fbi history book (page 29), summarized at:

Sosbee replies to googleyahoo:

****See also:

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: 9564593024
address: address: fascist uSA

Sosbee Website Embedded Tracker 08.Dec.2006 15:24


Just as a sidenote of interest:

On the first URL page


you will find a clickable icon (see my attached below a .jpg clip of lower left corner of the sosbeevfbi webpage).

If you click on that multi-colored square icon, a new webpage comes up--a sort of "who is?" service-- where a whole array of data sets are being archived with respect to location, IP, terminal equipment, system software, time of access, duration of access--even a world map of "who is on now"-- etc of any who click on the sosbee page.
note the multi-colored square in the lower left corner
note the multi-colored square in the lower left corner

Sosbee is an FBI Collaborator 08.Dec.2006 15:39

Diver Dan

You waggled you Gahoo in pubic, and now the pigs will be upon you.

Archived data is exactly what they want from you, moron.

That is why Indymedia and other sites are not so stupid as to maintain logs of visitors.

Some really determined server operators in the Free Speech movement may oberve server data as it occurs live, but they are usually smart enuf to destroy any evidence that the PIGS might try to grab for free. You sir, are a RAGING DUMBASS.

Essential, suberversive organisations like the California Department of the Military (formerly the CA national guard), who spend tax dollars following the Raging Grannies, like to use services like yours for FREE even though they are heavily funded by the Nazis in Washington.

sieg heil, and have a nice Republican day

Diver Dan

Yoogle and Gahoo! and a figment of your ejaculation!

This news here... 08.Dec.2006 17:58


has been around awhile actually - it just hadn't gotten much notice until recent events, alot of which tie back to recent death of Soviet spy Litvinenko. Google is the $154Billion dollar mega corporation, they no-doubt will soon be involved in every aspect of your life. My 2 cents.