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Ten Million Dollars for Each Dead Soldier

Is it enough to do everything I suggested plus a little "sumpin' sumpin" for your efforts?
I thought so.
(Imagine Andy Rooney reading this)

I'm looking for a good attorney. So, here's my pitch.

Did you know:
Iraq has 112 billion barrels of known oil reserves? According to the CGES, Iraq
probably has more than twice that in yet undiscovered reserves. Let's just say 250 billion barrels for the sake of argument. How many barrels is that for every man, woman and child in the USA?...go ahead and count the illegal aliens because it's just a matter of time.
What do you come up with?

So, 250 billion times the going price of about $60 = ... is that $15 trillion dollars or $150 trillion dollars? Whatever it is, it's plenty, right?
Help me out, I'm doing this in my head and my calculator won't go that high.

If we could get pumping we could be doing about 12 million barrels a day(12 mb/d)...or about $7+ billion dollars a day (again, according to the CGES...oh, sorry. That's the Center for Global Energy Studies...whoever they are).

Okay, now just hold on to that information in your left hand for a minute. We'll be right back to it.

The other day I was thinking about all our dead and wounded...and their families.
I think there are about 3000 dead soldiers and 30,000 wounded ones, don't you
think they'd appreciate a little help?

If I was one of the dead or wounded, I'd probably feel like I deserved to get a little sumpin' sumpin'... like maybe $10 million for my troubles.

Then there are the 400,000 who are suffering delayed stress syndrome, they need
an attorney to help them get some help. A million up to ten million each sounds about right to me.

Then of course the USA has gone in debt to the tune of about $500 billion over the war so far... with more to come. I think we should get that back too...with interest of course.
I mean, didn't the president say something about that?

Now, where was I?
Oh yeah, so, now back to what you're holding in your left hand. How much is that? Did you figure that out?
Is it enough to do everything I suggested plus a little "sumpin' sumpin" for your efforts?
I thought so.

No matter whether you're a Republican, Democrat or tree hugger, I think just about everyone would get behind a plan like that, don't you think?

I mean if we can make it worth everyone's while, then it solves the whole war thing, right?

They way I see it, there are a whole lot of customers ready to start sitting in
some lucky lawyers waiting room.
So, how about it? Anybody game?
I'll be waiting to see which one of you shows up on the Today show.
Andy (SlimX)