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Democratic Party Denies Democracy “We will not cut off funding for the troops”

Find out what your Congressperson is doing for their Christmas break, and make sure they don't have a Merry Christmas this year. They do not deserve one. Why should they enjoy an extended vacation in their plush homes while Iraqi women and children continue to be murdered?
It is generally understood that the recent overthrow of Republican control of congress was a direct result of the war in Iraq. As if ' taking Impeachment off the table wasn't enough', now Democratic 'leaders' are promising to stay the course in Iraq. Americans are tired of destroying an innocent nation, killing hundreds of thousands and poisoning possibly millions with Depleted Uranium just so Halliburton can continue it's looting. The problem however, is that the Democratic leadership doesn't feel the same way about humanity as the rest of us. They think that We the People put them in power so that they could get more corporate donations than the Republicans. Congressman Kucinich has been leading the effort to educate Americans as well as his fellow Congressmen, that Congress has no power over Bush's war but to cut off his allowance... Congress can debate and pass legislation for redeployment, phased redeployment, or an over the horizon presence. Congress can vote for a resolution to end the war and a resolution to bring the troops home. However, none of this will have any legal effect. Each appropriations approval was a vote to continue the Iraq war. Instead of taking a hint after the recent election, Bush has instead asked for even more money for Iraq than last year... In the spring of 2007 a new Supplemental Appropriations bill, estimated in published reports at $130 billion will be brought to Congress. Added to the $70 billion bridge fund, this equals $200 billion for Iraq in FY2007 alone. Compare this with $117.6 Billion for all missions in FY06. and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are prepared to give him anything he asks for... "We're not going to do anything to limit funding or cut off funds," says Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "We will not cut off funding for the troops," Pelosi said. "Absolutely not," she said. and this is Nancy Pelosi's reasoning??!! "Let me remove all doubt in anyone's mind; as long as our troops are in harm's way, Democrats will be there to support them" I'm sorry but "shit for brains" has never been more appropriate. Which part of Get Them The Fuck Out of There doesn't she understand? We want them out of harms way duh! And if she thinks that the troops have what they need right now, and that keeping them there indefinitely while the Iraqis shoot at them demanding they leave is supporting them... Kucinich explains that there is plenty of money to bring the troops home... The money's there to bring the troops home and that money is continued in the so-called bridge fund that was passed September 30th, 2006. We have the money to bring the troops home. The idea that the troops will be stranded is false and is being spread by people who want to keep the war and the war spending going. and I have news for Steny Hoyer... "None of us want to fail; none of us want to see Iraq as a failure," Iraq is a failure. Invading a nation to steal their resources meanwhile killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people is a failure of humanity. Bush being in office, and Democrats continuing his 'policies' is a failure of our own Democracy. It is time for the American people to wake Congress up. Never before has it been so evident that they live in a bubble. They think they can do whatever they want with our once great nation and no one can touch them. It is time to get in Congress' face. Find out what your Congressperson is doing for their Christmas break, and make sure they don't have a Merry Christmas this year. They do not deserve one. Why should they enjoy an extended vacation in their plush homes while Iraqi women and children continue to be murdered? Take a trip to your local Congressperson's office and let them know how you feel about allowing this massacre to continue simply so Cheney can have a happy Christmas. Tell them how you feel about allowing war criminals to continue their policies in office when they should have been impeached already and sent to the Hague. Demand they Impeach Bush and Cheney as soon as they return to DC. Stand outside their office and scream, whatever you can do to let them know that We the People will not be silenced!

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The dems fucking their constituents, who would have thought?... 06.Dec.2006 14:03

Pravda or Consequences

Hopefully this will show the progressive wing of the democrat party that they are being abused.

I guess it will take another election in 08 to really take back our country.

Tell Congress to vote against the next supplemental war appropriation bill 06.Dec.2006 16:21

Lynn Porter

I sent the following letter to the Register-Guard and Eugene Weekly:

In October the British medical journal The Lancet reported on a study of deaths in Iraqi households, based on standard polling techniques, by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. The study estimated 655,000 Iraqi deaths caused by the war, with 31 percent of the dead killed by our troops.

That means we've directly killed about 203,000 Iraqis, indirectly the rest, because they wouldn't have died if we hadn't invaded and triggered the war. The presence of our troops is still a constant provocation, helping to keep the war going.

In a Nov. 16 interview on The Huffington Post website, Rep. Dennis Kucinich said that the only power Congress has to get us out of Iraq is to cut off the funding, by voting against supplemental appropriations bills. Democrats such as Rep. Peter DeFazio have claimed they have to vote for the appropriations bills to "support the troops." Kucinich said, "If we truly care about our troops, we'll get them out. It's the phoniest argument to say that a cut-off of funds will leave troops stranded in the field. There's always money in the pipeline to pay for an orderly withdrawal."

Another huge war supplemental appropriations bill will be along soon. It is time to tell DeFazio to just say no.

Progressives? Regressive! 06.Dec.2006 16:21

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The socalled Progressive Liberal movements in America are not progressive at all. In fact they are totally regressive and in complete denial. The problem with progressives is that they think that they can tweak this biological train wreck called humanity and this anti nature, nationalist/imperialist juggernaut called America into being a humanist enlightened society. The aging baby boomers that make up most of leadership inside progressive movements in America have missed their opportunity by two decades to actually do anything to prevent what is now inevitable. In the next 10 years America is going to lose at least 10 more cities to Katrina like catastrophes.

The global economy is well on its way to total collapse as a result of global warming and climate change and the U.S. military is presently spending $495 billion a year above and beyond the Iraq/Afghanistan supplementals preparing for an America First policy in the ensuing chaos of the collapsed we are presently and aggressively sliding into. And the Democrats are deeply involved in the conspiracy.

So if anybody expects anything enlightened coming out of the Democratic Party and progressive movements in America you're going to spend the next 10 years puking your guts out in absolute horror.

As someone once put it "Power is at the end of the barrel of a gun."

If you want to change politics in America and create an enlightened society you must first disarm the real government of the United States, the U.S. military.

I just don't see the baby boomer generation that is now succumbing to the effects of the excessive increase in toxic pollution in the environment that their generation fostered in, succeeding at doing anything to turn the mess around.

Maybe the offspring of the baby boom generation have a shot at surviving but that's about it.