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Defense Nominee Implicated in 1995 Crime Trial

Bush is in a hurry to replace Rumsfeld with Iran Contra and Teledyne comspirator Robert Gates. Gates was fortunate to evade Iran-Contra investigator Larry Walsh, but incrimating evidence surfaced in a 1995 trial linking Gates to illegal arms sales - of cluster bombs to Iraq.
excerpt from the Teicher Declaration
excerpt from the Teicher Declaration
The document that implicates Gates is the "Teicher Declaration". At first the prosecutors of Bill Clinton's Justice department first contested it, tried to exclude it from the trial, and then tried to have it classified as TOP SECRET. According to an order Clinton himself signed the same year, it could not be kept secret. You can download it from this site:


Robert Parry broke many of the top stories in the 80s involving the Iran-Contra conspirators and on the day of Gates' nomination he was quick to post some words of caution: saying essentially that Bush's timetable could not be met without overlooking some crucial sources.

Sources in the Simi Valley, CA - in the Ronald Reagan Presidential library are referenced in the "Teicher Declaration" and they are still classified. The Senate must obtain these documents and once and for all unmask the stealthful Robert Gates, who was the biggest frustration that Special Prosecutor Larry Walsh every encountered. The hearing will be incomplete without calling Walsh to testify. In fact, not calling him would be a gross lack of due diligence. Teicher's afadavit in the 1995 Telydyne case in Miami was outside of his purvue, but is well within the scope of what must be considered if Gates is to be appointed to public office. According to Parry's November 9th article:

"... that same pro-Iraq initiative involved Donald Rumsfeld, then Reagan's special emissary to the Middle East. An infamous photograph from 1983 shows a smiling Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.
Teicher described Gates's role as far more substantive than Rumsfeld's. "Under CIA Director [William] Casey and Deputy Director Gates, the CIA authorized, approved and assisted [Chilean arms dealer Carlos] Cardoen in the manufacture and sale of cluster bombs and other munitions to Iraq," Teicher wrote.

With this in mind, the Senate should procede with caution and go slow when considering Robert gates for a job that he could well use to effectively undermine the next President of the United States.

David Roknich

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