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Odd Craigslist Ad...

I found an odd post on Craigslist's free section advertising free glass from a local business that says recycling costs too much?! There's a link to the Colombian Newspaper article on the business too...
People should figure out if this is legit, and if so call them to figure out why, perhaps post fliers up in the neighborhood, write to local papers etc. This is absurd!

re-posted from craigslist (I cannot find the link but I saved the image).


it all depends 05.Dec.2006 23:38

glass eye

Glass weighs a lot, and if a recycler has to haul it a long ways, it's not easy to break even, so they must charge the customer. Still... In Portland, you already have a truck going by, already picking up other stuff, so it's a bit more efficient. Maybe businesses, or Vancouver, are a different story, or maybe the business deal for recycling depends more on content. The ad is probably legit, and the energy you "save" by driving by to pick up the glass is probably not worth the trip in your car if you're then just going to haul the glass to a recycling plant. If you're going to use it to bottle home brew or something, reuse is much more efficient than recycling so it might be worth it energy wise. Don't even waste your time thinking about making money from it because you won't make anything worth mentioning.