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Donations of Cold Weather Gear Needed

Homeless folks in the Eugene area need cold weather gear. Please bring items you don't need to our office so we can distribute them directly to those in need.
I work for an agency in Eugene that provides services to many homeless people in our area. Each year, we get federal surplus blankets that we distribute, as well as other supplies. This year, the blankets went to Katrina survivors, and there are none available for homeless folks. Donations of other gear are also way down. If you have sleeping bags, tents, rain gear, tarps, mittens, hats, socks or other useful items that you would like to donate, please call our office at (541) 342-1269 to set a time to drop items off, or email me at  melissamona@gmail.com. It's really really cold, and folks need your help!

phone: phone: (541) 342-1269