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Seeing our power is quite easy upon self-validation (with art)

We can validate how we intuitively see. We can validate the powers we all have, the genius we all have; we all have a purpose for being here, and this is the right time. We each lean towards our purposes but others have been hooking our attentions.
a drawing with hand-written text
a drawing with hand-written text
We are the remnants of the natural glues which kept extend'd families and villages together for thousands of years. Only relatively recently have we been largely separated from our memory of these truths; and when we intuitively art our lives we uncritically accept the frames of references provided for us. Thus, we forget our purpose. And, to outsiders looking at our our infetesmal differences (so "normalized"), it's easy to assume neurosis, aloofness, without even thinking of the contexts which lead us to our mutually challenged situations.

When we begin to remember our powers, we cease to run in circles. We cease to destroy our bodies and our neighbors and our planet. We cease to let others tell us which way to walk. We cease to let others tell us how to think and what to believe. We cease to let others tell us WHO and WHAT we are. We cease to be miserable. We cease to be in pain all the time. We cease to be mindless automatons. We cease to hate. We cease to be able to hate. We cease to be a part of the insane world.

We cease to be profitable commodities.

We begin to enjoy our lives more. We begin to escape the comfortably numb. We begin to be less afraid all of the time. We begin to explore beyond the corralls planted in our heads. We begin to find meaning to our existences. We begin to reach out in more authentic ways. We dare to go into such a process as we experience the reflections we create, instead of letting others create "for" us.

Mental Patients Liberation Alliance (Utica, NY)
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