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Looking for the cause
The Center of the Cancer.
December 3, 2006, 10:53 AM

I often wonder why any nation would choose war over peace, seems like choosing between chaos and being more human than our parents. It would seem that war would be the exception. The fact that we are at war more often that at peace would indicate a serious flaw in our humanism or that which make us human.

I am struck by some facts:

The greatest and longest democracy in history is the arms dealer of the world. (United States)

Most people I have come into contact with during my life would choose peace over war.

When we kill one child, are we killing the possibility of a cure for some disease that we may not even have heard of this day? Killing millions of children, what effect does that have on the planet?

Many of us have said, "It is our foreign policy that causes all the destruction in the world."---Maybe

Let's go down the road a bit---what about the United States being the largest and best arms dealer in the world? Must we first stop the selling and maybe we can stop the use of these weapons. We can protest our government's involvement with war forever and not win the prize called peace. We must stop the selling of weapons. Have I found the core of the cancer? NO.

I wonder about us trying to be human, yet does that not beg the question of what a human being is? Now we are on the road to complete confusion. "To be or not to be."

Can we define the qualities of being human in a manner that can be understood and mimicked by a large population? Are there people in our history who have shown us the way? We cannot even agree on how we have reached the stage of being human. Some think that God created us some six thousand years ago in a garden and we screwed up---our punishment was to be sent out into the world of evil. Most scientists would argue that we have evolved over millions of years to the state of our humanism today.

Maybe the connecting bridge between these two concepts could be that in both stories of the journey of Homo sapiens (wise man) is the desire to know more, to manipulate the environment around us.

You must have an understanding of what makes us human and there lies the poison. Do you drink from the garden or from the cave?

There are other possibilities of the human journey, but not to limit the question in some measure is to drive one to the Looney Bin.

Some of my favorite people in the world are religious people who have also accomplished much in the secular question of good and bad behavior. I don't like religions but do acknowledge that there are wonderful things about all religions as well as terrible things that are done in the name of some god. Why bring up religion at all? Religion defines to the believers how they see the world and all that is in the world, you cannot exclude it in your search for what humanity is today.

Boy, this is difficult for me, I need to rest and come back to this later.

December 5, 2006, 2:56 PM

So, who are the religious people I like?

Martin Luther King, a man who understood the Sermon on the Mount. "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God." Going to church or to jail was the same for this holy man; he was doing good in his God's name

Mahatma Gandhi, a man who talked about non-violence and kicked the Britts in the ass, not just in India, but first in South Africa.

There are others, but you should be able to get the point, being a religious person can also mean being a social activist. There are thousands of people who do good work in the name of their God.

So, how do you account for the charlatans who steal money from their followers in the name of their
God? I don't know the answer to that question, maybe people just need someone to tell them all will be well, if they give money to some con man---fear is very powerful when it comes to the selling of god. Fear-----

Fear is a very powerful force; it causes good people to trust in the wisdom of people who will screw them over and over again. This is what many of our present leaders and many of their legions use---be afraid, be very afraid. So, where have I traveled in this moment of my journey to try to understand war and peace in 2006?

My wife, whom I love above all, makes lists---so let us list a few of the characteristics I believe you must have to be human:

A wonder of living, always seeking new information to help you on your journey. Trying to understand those who you want to hate.

When someone serves you in some capacity, a waiter, waitress, gardener, bus driver, cab driver, plumber or baker you treat them with great dignity. You understand that their job is as important as yours.

You feed the poor, help the sick, visit the jails and smile at a person who asks you for help. When you help someone ask only that they repay you by helping the next person who may ask them for help. I always try to remember to say that when someone says thanks to me for some favor---it could cause a small revolution.

Treat you children as their guardian, teacher or protector, not as something you own.

Be suspicious of those who tell you it is good to kill another. It is never good to kill, there are times you may have to protect others, but even in this case it should be a sad event.

I am beginning to sound too preachy, my point is that you can cause change in the universe by very simple acts. You don't have to be out protesting to change the world, you can do it in your own environment---sometimes you don't have to leave home. I should give you a warning here, start making changes in your environment and you will probably end up protesting for peace because you will not understand war.

See, things are good----a Sunday sermon and you don't have to put anything into the collection basket---but you must grant the next request from another human being. (Within reason)

Did I find the Center of the Cancer, I don't know but will keep looking.

See you on the protest line---someday.

Joe Walsh---Lone Vet
Portland, Or.

homepage: homepage: http://www.squadron13.com/LoneVet/default.htm

you answer 06.Dec.2006 09:35


Capitalism, my friend, is the center of the cancer.

When a whole society is arranged around the idea of pursuing a profit, war becomes not only highly rational, but profitable. It also becomes profitable to pay billions of people less than a dollar a day, to take away social security, public services, and health care.

Producing for the good of the public, rather for than a handful of stockholders, is practical solution.

Some call it socialism.

the head 07.Dec.2006 18:53

the heart

The Fed and its collection agency, the IRS, both exist well outside our federal government. We must seize control of both, simultaneously. It's not about government or captalism. The international banking cartel, and their servant, the Fed, and their collection agency, the IRS, have seized power. Then go after the global nationalist corporations. These two entities are running this country and the world. It seems to big a task but it's not. The Fed is never mentioned because it is the most vulnerable target. Bring them under the stewardship of the people and the rest of their dominoes fall.

No funding for war, no funding for weapons, no gravy train for the international banking elite. The dollar and all other currencies are readjusted in a way they were set after the second world war (sorry, but Larouche has some solid ideas).

Nafta, Cafta and all other treaties that favor the international banking cartel and the global nationalist corps must be torn up. Money used to pay the interest on the Fed debt and war is freed to rebuild, retool factories and create a new backbone of manufacturing.

Economies become centralized and localized as corporate dominance recedes. Transportation needs are rebuilt in line with the 21st centruy thinking via massive, low cost, energy efficient transportation. Utilities are given back to the people. Worker owned businesses are given tax breaks, loans and incentives over corporate, publically traded business.

Strictly private ownership of any large enterprise, like the sale of the crown zellerbach paper mill to an individual, are shunned.

Neither free market capitalism nor democracy are in orperation in this country. It's all a lie. The United States has to be recreaated prior to the introduction of the Fed and the IRS and move forward from there. Only a very small percentage of the people own the majority of the wealth. Everyone must wake up to the fact that 99% of the population, including the upper middle class, professional class, police, military, et. al., are slaves and servants of that one percent.

Why do you think so many fascist measures have been introduced over the last six years. The one percent is trying to lock up the 99 percent in slavery to transfering our wealth upwards to them.

And that is neither a democracy nor a free market capitalism.

+The Fed and the IRS. You start there.