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I used to live in Portland. I ended up in Port Townsend, because I felt that it was a safe place. Arsonry crimes occur there, and I believe that my knowlege of such behavior may have been what led to the attempt on my life. Communicating with my friends and family, and strangers, has kept me alive, thus far. Please read.

hey, would you read this???? i'd appreciate it... would you pass it on to other people, so they can read it???? i sent it to the NY Times today.... thanks!

Dear NY Times,

I noticed a recent article regarding Police Misconduct in New York, wherein lives were lost. I have been troubled, myself, by an issue of an indirectly similar nature. On October 21st of this year, in Port Townsend, WA, I was raped and also physically assaulted. The first assailant had introduced me to the second assailant prior to the assault. I found out at the Seattle Courthouse that the rapist has a history of Domestic Violence; there were three cases in 1985 and there was one case of Domestic Violence in 1995. He has also had charges brought against him for other crimes. I have no criminal history, and am nonviolent.

Although I had obviously been assaulted and escaped with my life, and although I had greyish hairs in my hand from the man who had physically thrown me from a high vantage point, and although I had called the police and ambulance to a place very near the scene of the crimes immediately following the attack, I was arrested soon thereafter; I found out at an electronic hearing that the rapist had been stabbed with a pen. No further arrests were made. A police statement was not offered to me.

The police did not accept the evidence, although I showed it to them, so I took one of the hair folicles, folded it in to a napkin, and requested that a nearby party hold on to it. There were many hair folicles, long greyish hairs. The ambulance accepted the hair folicles and placed them inside of a purple latex glove. I had instinctively poked the assailant in the left eye during the attack, and believe that I may have seen him thereafter. If that is the case, his hair and beard were black, and his left eye was off-centered. I recognised his black leather jacket, and he jeered at me.

At the hospital, I spoke with a therapist and was found to be sane and rational. The hospital staff performed a rape kit, including a blood draw and urine sample. Photographs were taken of the bumps, cuts and bruises on my face, inner lip and hands. I called a friend of mine, who is originally a New Yorker, from the hospital phone and excitedly explained what had happened. I was feeling glad to be alive, and had no idea about the rapist's accusation. I explained, in an answering machine message to my friend, that I had been thrown from a boat in dry dock, and that I had grabbed the man's hair with my right hand, landing on the ground with my life, and some of his hair. I was amazed to be alive.

I had bruises forming on the backs of both of my hands. I had bumps on my head. I had a cut on the inside of my lip from when the attacker had put my mouth over an indoor stepladder (I moved out of the way, immediately thinking of American History X). My left arm and shoulder were sore, from the attacker violently twisting my left arm behind my back. I had terrible bruises all over my legs, but was unaware of them. There were other signs of injury. Despite my obvious state of injury, a police officer grabbed my right hand, and twisted it behind my back, to place handcuffs on me. I cried out in pain, as my hands were both severely bruised on the backs. This confused me greatly.

After a frightening weekend of sitting in a jail filled with many troubled and scary people (one of whom threatened me physically for asking her to be quiet during the night), I was informed by way of an electronic hearing that the rapist had accused me of stabbing him with a pen. They released me. Upon hindsight, I recall having made a sarcastic comment at the Port Townsend American Legion prior to the attacks. At the American Legion, an individual had warned me to be careful walking home. At that time, I had felt extremely safe in Port Townsend. Now, the opposite is the case, and I am staying in women's shelters in Seattle. In response to the man's comment, I sarcastically stated: "don't worry; I have a pen in my pocket." I am a poet, and carry a pen always. The comment was intended to refer to that fact, which is not well known in Port Townsend.

It was a relief to be released from the jail. Jail is a terrible place. The food is horrible, and the people are uncivil. I had trouble convincing a guard to allow me to take a shower, and my muscles were extremely sore from the attacks.

Immediately after release, I was chauffered to the Port Townsend Police Bureau. I requested, then, that the police staff there accept the evidence. The purple latex glove, with greyish hair folicles inside, was placed inside of a large ziploc bag, and red tape that reads: EVIDENCE was used to seal the ziploc bag. At a later point in time, the Port Townsend Police Chief informed me that it would take six months to a year to analyze the hair folicles in a laboratory, and that they could easily be thrown out of court due to the manner in which they were received.

After my release, I spent a lot of time in bars, drinking water and talking with people about what had happened. I did this for my own safety. However, on one occasion, the rapist approached me during a conversation with someone, upstairs in a bar, and placed money on the table. I threw the paper money in the rapist's direction. Terrified, I shrieked for assistance, and the police were called, on a young woman's cellphone. The police arrived, and reluctantly took a report from me and the other witness. Prior to making a written statement, the other witness spoke privately with the rapist.

At a later point in time, the Port Townsend police chief informed me that it would take six months to a year to analyze the hair folicles in a laboratory, and that the folicles could easily be thrown out of court due to the manner in which they were received. I requested that the Police Chief allow me to call a friend from a phone in the bureau, in order to speak about the conversation with a kind acquaintance, in front of himself and others. He reluctantly allowed this, but did not allow me to see the numbers that he was dialing.

I am trapped in Western Washington, in fear for my life. Due to the rapist's accusation, I have been ordered by the court to remain in Western Washington. This has put me in a physically dangerous position, due to my proxemity to the attackers. I fear for my life each day. I write a lot of electronic letters to people, explaining the situation. This is, thus far, the most detailed message that I have sent. Thank you for your time, please help me, my life is in danger.

Ariell Dione Hartwell

During the first week of November 2006, I sent the following message to the mayors of Port Townsend (et al), Seattle, etc; also, newspapers at the following web addresses: seattlepi.com, nytimes.com, latimes.com, keeneypr.com, sfchronicle.com, anchoragepress.com, macalester.edu, and others;

it is also available for viewing at: myspace.com/welcomemylittleprettiesnowfly

here's the document:

My name is Ariell Dione Hartwell. I attended Soroptimist meetings as a child, have received mentorship from United Nations participants who focus on the issue of sustainability (et al), and have been a self-appointed urban anthropologist for the past nine years. I am writing you today to inform you of some business plans that may help to save America's economy and reputation.

I proport that if Port Townsend witnesses fiscal increase, yet chooses to invest in non-profits and corporations (these being designed and managed by Port Townsend, et al), that the probability of economic gentrification will increasingly become a non-sequitor.

I encourage Port Townsend citizens to invest, collectively, in Seattle Real Estate. I also encourage them to sit on the property for two years, managing it effectively. At the end of the two-year period, I encourage them to collectively decide what to do next. I encourage them to form boards, committees, and to interpret via progressive and intentional action the mission statement of my personal umbrella: "To promote laisse-faire capitalism in a Democratic Republic." My umbrella is called: "New $chool Profits." I encourage all of these events, due to the fact that the philanthropic works of Port Townsend may receive international acclaim, which may increasingly draw wealth to Seattle, thereby driving up the price of land in Seattle, while maintaining a low land cost in Port Townsend. This may also decrease the State Land Tax.

While I choose to not require a fee for my public services, donations will be gladly appreciated, and will enable me to invest in various fields, including but not limited to: international diplomacy, publications, arts/humanities (music, film, philosophy, etc), progressive sciences, etc. I will have a personal account and a Corporate account, and the records will be kept in a safety deposit box at the bank. I will manage my own affairs, and of course, will keep accurate records.

Thank you for your time.

Ariell Dione Hartwell


homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/dislocatedhipster

Need a Lawyer 05.Dec.2006 19:42

best advice

The best advice would be for you to find a trustworthy lawyer right now. You may be able to file civil suits if you can identify the perpetrators. If your case has merit, the lawyer may work on a fee contingency basis. Letting the public know you have a lawyer may also make reprisal attacks less likely.

Legal help 05.Dec.2006 20:30


There are several women's rights and battered women's organizations in tyhe Seattle area. Check with them. Wish I knew who to reccomend. Definitely get an attorney. Legal Aid Society should be able to refer you to someone.

Please do not underestimate the seriousness of your situation. I have confronted this depth of corruption in my own life. The police are obviously in cahoots with the rapists. This sort of networking can permeate everywhere, even the sort of organizations I reccomended.

Contact any trustworthy, long term friends you may have. You may need to go underground (hide). Do not discuss details of such a plan over the phone or by email.

PT 19.Dec.2006 12:35


In the short time that I lived in PT I heard of several instances of assault perpetrated, in most cases, by the police themselves- officers like Tony Polizzi (no joke), whome I encountered while working at the local bike shop (he's their first bicycle cop) on a number of occasions. I doubt they will ever show much remorse or concern for the well being of PT's less powerful citizens, especialy if no organized pressure is placed upon them. Small towns deserve just as much attention as any other.