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Volksfront event in Portland Metro area Dec 9 !!

Racist group Volksfront will be holding an event in the Portland Metro area on Dec 9. Anyone know the details?
Hey People,
Sorry Im not sure where it is, but its not listed on thier site, any one that knows and can share info(and/or show up to protest)would be appreciated. The Merc states that it is on Dec 8 somewhere in the Salem or SE Portland area. The vf site states it is on the 9th. Lets show them that thier hatred and violence toward fellow Americans(or anyone for that matter) are not welcome.

Here are the details:$20
Bands: Down Right Hateful, Frontline
Reading of Eric Banks biography
"marytr" (what a concept, suicide/homicide bombers are considered martyrs)toast and remembrance
Includes catering(Who caters these events, are they doing your wedding, party, child's event?), a full bar
Proceeds are said to go to a memorial statue to be built on vf land in Washington state.