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1205 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, December 5th, 2006.
12/05/06 Get This
sui generis

1. Patrice Lumumba Ford's lawyer yesterday asked federal Appeals Court judges to reduce his 18-year sentence. In 2003 Ford pled guilty to the Civil War-era crime of "conspiring to wage war against the United States" - Seditious Conspiracy. So a Black man is charged under a Civil War law (that was frequently used to perpetuate slavery back then). And now the same law is resuscitated during the terrorist hysteria used to drum up support for an ill-conceived, illegal invasion that has produced... ..A civil war! (Not to mention the invisible civil war that is being waged in the American conscience: We Must Act To Stop This, But The Fear... )
2. If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Is It Too Late To Sue?: A federal appeals court in California was also flexing its atrophied biceps: The court ruled that the BLM had violated environmental law when it sold old growth timber to a logging company without taking into account the impact on the forest. The trees have all been cut down, but that's what the timber company planned all along... ..
3. The Guv is going to make sure schools get enough money this time around.
4. 1000 Friends of Oregon is going to try to hammer some sense into the slavering Measure 37 scumfucks. 1000 Friends wants the Legislature temporarily suspend Measure 37 claims until property owners go through greed detox.
5. Portland has identified 24 city workers whose ex-spouses or former partners listed as dependents have been collecting benefits. (This wouldn't happen if everyone had decent healthcare to begin with. As things stand the only 'beneficiaries' of the healthcare delivery system are Big Pharma and the insurance companies... )
6. Hey, Sailor1: The sailor from Oregon who got his hands on some classified material and planned on selling it to the highest bidder has plead guilty to charges of espionage, desertion and much, much more.
7. Contra Dancing!: Robert 'Guns n' Blowses' Gates is a shoo-in for the Secretary of Defense throne. (And just in time for full on civil war in the Middle East. Yee-hah! That's American Diplomacy at its finest... .Boy, Howdy!)
8. President Bush has told one of Iraq's most powerful Shia leaders, Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, that he is "not satisfied" with the conditions in Iraq. (One can only imagine al-Hakim's own thoughts on this stern admonishment: "You think we like it? Go fuck yourself, Frat Boy")
9. John 'Mad Dog' Bolton has taken a final swan dive from the top of his own ego. (Next up? My bet is Nicholas Burns. Mr. Burns is a close second to Bolton for arrogant, braindead obnoxiousness... ..Eeeh-xcellent)
10. Bush wants to get a little off-shore Alaskan oil in his stocking this year.
11. In Mitt Romney's Massachusetts, State troopers can arrest undocumented immigrants on the road.
12. Twilight Zone: John K. Galbraith no less a luminary than, says that the dollar is in a catastrophic slide and other currencies are lined up to rush into the global market void.
13. China's currency, on the other hand and on the other side of the world where all that Wal-Mart stuff comes from, Well, China's Yuen is doing just fine thanks. Could you pass the debt, please?
14. Kofi Annan, a man who is not a stranger to diplomacy, says that Iraqis are far worse off now than they were under Saddam Hussein. (Think of it this way: Saddam is on trial for crimes against humanity and other charges for the 140 people killed in Dujail as well as the gassing of the Kurdish population of a northern village. If Saddam Hussein is sentenced to hang for his responsibility in these killings, what then ought President Bush's sentence be for his role in the slaying of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?)
15. Nicholas Burns is getting in shape for his probable new position as Our Man At The United Nations. He's currently in Iran insulting the Iranians in the name of Peace. Expect him to emerge from the holidays with a recess appointment as America's latest disaster at the UN... .
16. In Italy, a prosecutor has asked for the indictment of 26 Americans and Italian Secret Service officials. They are charged with the kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric.
17. Britain is getting its nuke on, in the event that North Korea attacks the West Exbury lay-by.
18. The former president of Paraguay is in jail for fraud and embezzlement. (I predict a bright political future for Luis Gonzales Macchi in South Florida politics... .)
19. Egyptian police have arrested a group of foreigners including European, US and Arab nationals, who allegedly have links to terrorist groups. (Tits up for those poor bastards.)
20. Lebanon's Army Commander has warned the government that Beirut's daily protests are dangerously draining military resources (Soon they'll have to get help from Hezbollah... .)
21. If you liked that last one, try this: An Israeli think tank (Not to be confused with regular Israeli tanks used to flatten Palestinian homes... ) thinks that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas should be charged with 'war crimes'... .
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Joe Anybody

why am I laughing after I read the news?

thanks sui